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What is GOSS Saying:British Police targets Sudanese money loot London

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Below is a public statement attributed to GOSS’ ministry of Regional Cooperation, Department of Information and Media released on 12 December 2008. The aim of the statement is to  extricate Stephen Bak from alleged looting of US $ 3 millions from the coffers of GOSS’ ministry of regional cooperation and the possibility of involvement of a network of patronage in siphoning the money through London, a Public Statement  date 12 December 2008 is released.

The statement gives a different twist to the saga, admitting that some funds were officially given to Stephen Bak so that he can operate an office in London, not for purchase of arms in Britain and Israel is was reported earlier by one John Chol Gatlwak who was said to be a spokesman of the embattled ministry.

Please read:


The Ministry of Regional Cooperation (MRC) of the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) wishes to refute the misinformation circulated in the internet about Comrade Stephen Madut Baak. Some anonymous individuals have been defaming the image of Comrade Stephen Madut Baak, a Southern Sudanese nationalist of high integrity and personal respect. The Ministry further strongly condemns the association of H.E President of GOSS and family with the incident of Comrade Stephen Madut Baak. Such disrespect for somebody who has continued to sacrifice his life for the liberation of our people is uncultured, particularly for a Southern Sudanese citizen who can have the courage to call our President and family names. It is a living historical fact that Comrade Baak is a very senior person in the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A), who served the movement in various capacities with dedication and diligence. In a nutshell, the Ministry of Regional Cooperation wishes to confirm the following:
1.       1. Comrade Stephen Madut Baak is a Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Regional Cooperation, appointed by Presidential Decree NO. 5/2008 7th February 2008. Following his appointment, the Ministry prepared a six months budget amounting to $137,000.00 (one hundred and thirty seven thousand US Dollars only) for him and his three staff. Given his health problems, he will serve from the GOSS Liaison office in London due for official opening in the early FY 2009. He was therefore advanced the money to establish the office, including purchasing a vehicle to facilitate his movement, hiring a driver and salaries for himself and the two additional staff.
2.       2. Comrade Stephen Madut Baak was also given assistance by GOSS and took loans against his monthly pay LS 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand sterling pounds only) to settle his family and resolve some of his personal problems plus the amount in (1) above.
3.       3. Comrade Stephen Madut Baak was indeed dispossessed that money on arrival at London Heathrow Airport despite the fact that there were accompanying letters from the Ministry of Regional Cooperation and from the office of GOSS President explaining the reasons why that money was given to Comrade Baak.
4..       4. It is true that any amount more than ten thousand sterling pounds should have been declared at the port of entry to British Customs and excise according to international practice. This is an admissible mistake because the money should have been wired using the accounts of the Ministry’s offices abroad.
The Ministry therefore wishes to dismiss the erroneous misinformation circulating in the internet mentioning imaginary figures such as $3 million US dollars or $20 million US dollars allegedly carried to be banked in the United Kingdom. The Ministry is constantly following the matter and a legal process is ongoing to ensure that Comrade Baak repossesses his own money.
We would like to assure the public that GOSS is committed to fighting corruption at all cost including the idol corrupt voices of the internet that engage fulltime in erroneous fabrications. The SPLM-led GOSS is a serious matter and no amount of propaganda can deter the leadership commitment to maintain peace and pursuing development for the people.
Ministry of Regional Cooperation
Department of Information and Media
Juba, Southern Sudan
December 12, 2008

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December 14, 2008 at 1:50 pm