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South Sudan:Juba squatters’ demolition to begin within days says GoSS official

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Tuesday 20 January 2009 06:00.

By James Gatdet Dak January

19, 2009 (JUBA) – Demolition of squatters targeting a number of residential areas in the Southern Sudan’s capital, Juba, will begin before the end of this month, a senior official said today. The Central Equatoria state governor, Maj. Gen. Clement Wani Konga has announced that the demolition exercise was aimed at immediate recovery of grabbed land by unauthorized squatters, saying it was in accordance with the town’s Master Plan. This phase of demolition exercise will target the residential areas of ‘Juba Na-Bari’, which is popularly known as ‘Tongpiny’ located north of the town, ‘Mere Lotor’, also popularly known as ‘Jebel Dinka’, west of the town and squatters surrounding the Mouseleum of late Dr. John Garang as well as some petrol stations placed in residential areas. The supervision of the bulldozing exercise will involve the Survey Department and several organized forces that will include Joint Integrated Units (JIUs), Military Police and some Legal Advisors. The demolition of the squatters in Juba, which also serves as the capital of Central Equatoria state government, is expected to affect thousands of people in the town. It is not clear how the affected residents will cope up with the situation or whether the government has a plan to relocate them to other new residential areas. The areas targeted are predominantly occupied by citizens from other states who put up illegally in those areas and could not legally obtain plots because of unsettled misunderstandings over the issues of jurisdictions and land ownership among different levels of government and local communities in Juba. (ST)


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GOSS Extravagant Spending in the Past Three Years

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SPLM Show-off Disbursement, Extravagance

By:Helen Anderw

News reports published that the GoSS Minister of Finance said that there is already a laid down intention by his government to evacuate officials living in expensive hotels around Juba using government money.

According to the Minister, every official living in one of those hotels spends at least US$150 per day and that GoSS will no longer pay those officials’ bills.

Considering that those officials were accommodated in Juba hotels since 2005 with at least US$150 per day for each, that means that about one official cost the GoSS since 2005 about US$219,000 (equivalent to SDG438,000,000).
You just imagine the benefit of such a big amount of money to the normal citizen in the south if it is utilized in providing basic health, education, medical services!

Regrettably GoSS step should have been taken early enough and before wasting all these millions in such a show-off disbursement.
GoSS should have concentrated on providing its citizens with the basic services instead spending money in celebrations or other luxuries.
GoSS should direct its limited resources toward productive activities.
Southern Sudan needs development, reconstruction and basic services after all the years of the civil war.

But instead GoSS is adopting the show-off disbursement and directing the resources in the government organs through accommodating its ministers and legislators in Juba hotels costing thousands of dollars daily.
The latest news infiltrated from the south is that GoSS has allocated US$24 million to organize the CPA Fifth Anniversary celebrations which will take place in Malaka

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South Sudan to retrench troops

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Daily nation (Nairobi) 14 Jan

Southern Sudan will create a reserve military force as it reduces the
size of the main army based on tough new standards.
The reserve force would be made up of those removed from the main army
on account of, for example, scanty education and age.
The Sudan People’s Liberation Army law, approved by the Parliament of
the autonomous Sudan region, and awaiting the signature of the President
of the Government of Southern Sudan before it becomes law, also sets the
retirement age for officers.
Government officials said the law will both make the army efficient and
disciplined by laying down offences and the punishments, but they could
not give the numbers.
“The army is large and personnel have to be productively occupied,” the
minister of SPLA Affairs Nhial Deng Nhial said. Nhial would not say the
number of troops.
“Because right now especially in the officers corps we have a large
number of officers. Some of them really – we have to find something for
them to do.”
Under the proposed law, army recruits would be between 18 and 30, with
no criminal record, and with a basic education for enlisted personnel
and not less than secondary education for the officer cadets.
Officers after commissioning would serve ten years. Enlisted personnel
after basic military training would serve six years.
The period of service may be extended without exceeding the prescribed
retirement age.
Those at the ranks of private to sergeant would retire at 47 years.
General officers would retire at 60. Sergeant major to regimental
sergeant majors, and majors to colonels would retire at fifty years.
Second lieutenants and captains would retire at 52 years.
The Comprehensive Peace Agreement that ended the 21-year north-south
Sudan armed conflict recognised the Sudan Armed Forces, Sudan People’s
Liberation Army and the Joint/Integrated Units as the national armies.
The SAF is in charge of the north. SPLA is in charge of the south.
The law comes barely a week after complaints from legislators about
indiscipline in the army and rising crime that has swept across the
The Cabinet met last week to discuss the insecurity following both the
shooting into the air on New Year’s Day that led to five deaths, and the
general wave of crime involving knives and machetes and robberies around
Southern Sudan’s capital town, Juba.
“We discussed the general security situation,” Martin Ellia, minister
for Parliamentary Affairs said Tuesday. “We will convene again at the
end of January and discuss it in the presence of the two ministers, of
SPLA Affairs and of Internal Affairs.”
In a Parliamentary motion under debate in Parliament legislators cited a
two-year old killed by gunshots on New Year. On December 27, a man was
killed by machete. And on December 28, four thugs ambushed and sprayed a
vehicle with bullets along a road out of Juba.
At least five people were killed and a three-year old wounded by stray
bullets from the intensive random shootings by people apparently
celebrating Independence Day.
“We want to have a south which is run, and run in a way that everybody
is subject to the law, so that the rule of law prevails,” said Wani
Igga, Speaker of the Southern Sudan Parliament, and deputy chairperson
of Southern Sudan’s ruling party, the Sudan People’s Liberation

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Human rights bill passes in South Sudan legislature

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By Isaac Vuni

January 13, 2009 (JUBA) – The South Sudan Legislative Assembly today passed the Human Rights Bill following yesterday’s unexpected adjournment.

JPEG - 16.4 kb

Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (Photoc SSLA)

Hon. Caesar Bayeh Loyalala attempted to revise the original text, which he considered in favour of government, arguing that the Human Rights and Anticorruption Commissions including auditor general chamber have extra judiciary power.

Contributing to a heated debate on the bill, Hon. Mohamed El Hag said it was overdue as daily rampant killings, particularly in Juba city, amount to violations of human rights.

Hon. Peter Bashir observed that the human rights record in Sudan had been and is still very poor even though SPLM appointed an independent commission in June 2007.

Another legislator, Hon. Jimmy Wongo, suggested consolidating 19 commissions that are duplicating duties in southern Sudan. He urges southerners to be proud because human rights and anti-corruption commissions do not exist in the Islamic-led Khartoum government.

Hon. David William Tut suggested that those nominated as commissioners should be properly scrutinized and be non-partisan people.

Hon. Wall Deng Ajak observed that men and women were slaughtered in southern Sudan’s hospitals and opposed reducing the status of the commission to state minister.

Then Hon. Deng Kual said the worst violators of human rights in Southern Sudan are top political leaders in any given location.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Martin Lomuro emphasized that some states like Central and Eastern Equatoria have acted in disrespect to laws passed by the august house.

Meanwhile Hon. Loluke explained that Human Rights and Anticorruption commissions have not been working properly for the last two years in Eastern Equatoria as Governor Ojetuk manipulate and denied medical treatment to people deliberately being detained by his authority.

Loluke added that effective operational commissions in south Sudan are led by women, and wondered at the 17 men leading the commission.

There were 83 MPs present plus five absent with permission totaling 88 legislators for quorum, and the bill was passed for the third and final reading at 1:15 p.m.


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Shifting Alliances:SPLM Turns its Back on its Muslim Members in Favour of NCP Hardliners

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As a sign of shifting coalitions and political patronage in the South, New Sudan Islamic Council (NSIC)  is facing drastic shift in its leadership structures and objectives. Since the demise of Dr. John Garang in July 2005,  Following the demise of John Garang in July 2005, NSIC, like most of the institutions of SPLM, faced dramatic struggles to cope with the and lose of support and changes within the Movement. The NSIC who are associated with SPLM since its formation in 1989 have now lost to pro- NCP leaders including renegade commander Sheikh Al Tahir Bior Ajak, dieheart Islamists like the former Commissioner of Bor Locality Sheikh Biech (Bish) and a former NCP leader Mangu Ajak (from Upper Nile.

This lead Mr. Mahmoud E Yusuf to tender his resignation to SPLM Chairman whom he believed have aided NCP to take over the organizations.

Why is SPLM handing over its own “synficated organization” to NCP?  It is this part of a secret deal reached between Riek Machar and Ali Taha in a meeting they held in November 2008?


To: His Excellency Left General Salva Kiir Mayardit, Chairman of the Sudanese People Liberation Movement (SPLM). Through: His Excellency General Pagan Amom Okeg, Secretary General of SPLM


Since seventies, the hope for initiative that may bring total change into Sudanese society was a vision that embraced many, till the Sudanese People Liberation Army/Movement (SPLM/A) was launched on May 16, 1983. Personally I first contacted SPLM in Khartoum in August 1983, representing the United Patriotic Front, and delegated by Mr. Mukhtar Ebied to seek means for corporation and coordination between the two Movements. Since1991 we worked under the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), in Uganda with great hopes to fulfill dreams of our Sudanese people, by uplifting injustice and marginalization subjected by the center. Failed to be trained militarily, when accepted the Secretary General post of New Sudan Islamic Council (NSIC) in March 1996, appointed by Cdr Altahir Bior Ajack, I truly thought it was the Movement’s Islamic wing, in the context of aiming at causing changes in different aspects of life. Since its formation in 1991, NSIC looks like an orphan organization, due to the nature and propaganda lodged by Khartoum Governments during the war and negative stands taken by SPLM leaders, particularly in response to separation of Religion and State and as a defense measure from Arabization policies, in an odd environment where Islamic religion continually under pressures and questions! I worked to promote human values existed in Islam, as it is in other religions, particularly when I became the Chairman of NSIC on 16th February 1999, after nominated by late hero Cdr. Yousif Kuwa Makee, and endorsed by the late hero Dr. John Garang De-Mabior. Within that capacity, I managed to raise morals of our Muslims fellows in SPLA and gave religious justification to SPLM positions, above all we managed to establish environment of tolerance and peace that may help in establishing modern Islamic Center for Religious Teaching (MICRT), as derived from our developed vision towards Islam. Within the process of establishing the structure bases of NSIC, the South Sudan Islamic Council (SSIC) was formed on 24-28 April 2005, at a conference in Yei town (after personal permission from Your Excellency),at which I was elected a Chairman. We managed to achieve common ground with our brothers in the New Sudan Council of Churches, through two Conferences, the first in Yei on April 26, 2005 and the second in Jinja on August 30th to 4th September 2005.Your Excellency, before the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) on January 9, 2005, and after formation of Government of South Sudan (GOSS) in October 2005, we prepared ourselves, later requested authorization for reception of Islamic properties in South Sudan and to start formation of NSIC at State levels, instead, we faced great difficulties, as shown in the followings sequences: 1- On January 4, 2005, I wrote a Concept Paper On Islamic Activities During The Interim Period, to Dr. John Garang De-mabior, Chairman of SPLM and C-In-C of SPLA, with copies to both Governors Cdr Malik Agar Eyre, and Cdr Abdulaziz Adam Alhilu. 2- Strange enough, I handled Your Excellency above Concept Paper inNairobi, on Faraday, July 29, 2005. 3- On October 2005, and for more than three weeks, I failed to meet Your Excellency Khartoum office, regarding the Council. 4- Around December 2005, I met the Vice President, H.E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny, who promised to send me a ticket in June 2006 to come to Juba for re-organization of NSIC, unfortunately that never happened. 5- After nearly three months waiting in Juba, I met Your Excellency on January 2007, where you promised the followings: a. Consult with Minister of Legal Affairs on the legal statues of the NSIC. b. Appointing me in another post in addition to the NSIC Chairmanship. 6- On March 27, 2007, I hastily returned Juba, after a talk with MR. Martin Majut Yak, Director of Your Excellency office, who claimed that, Your Excellency had appointed me a Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Gender, Social, and Religious Affairs! Unfortunately after more than one and half month waiting in Juba, denied all that! 7- On April 20, I received a letter with Ref: MoPA\I.D.2 dated April 13, 2007, from Your Excellency office, to meet H.E. Mary Kiden, ministry of Gender, Social, and Religious Affairs, for registration of South Sudan Islamic Council, unfortunately she was executing a different plan regarding South Sudan Islamic Council. 8- On May 27, 2007 both SPLM-GOSS/NCP-GNU agreed to form Islamic Committees all over South Sudan which should organize Muslims for their final Conference, these resolutions were signed by His Excellency Dr. Riek Machar Teny Vice President of the GOSS, without attendance or consultations of SPLM Muslims. 9- Finally, the authorization for establishing State Committees, as regulated by above agreement was granted by H. E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny V. P. of GOSS, by a letter No GOOS/VPO/J/56.p, dated July 20, 2007, unfortunately instead of calling me, it was handled to Ezaldin Nimir Deng, together with amount of money, unfortunately, Ezaldin hamper that process. 10- On August 3, 2007, I met H.E. Dr. Riek Machar, the V. P. of GOOS in Nairobi, who promised to send me an air ticket on August 17, 2007, and accommodation in Juba, that never materialized. 11- On November 8, 2007 His Excellency Dr. Riek Machar Teny Vice President of the GOSS, wrote a letter No GOOS/VPO/J/56-A.1, dated 8/11/2007, to H. E. Mary Kiden, Minister of Gender, Social Welfare and Religious Affairs, mentioning for first time that Mr. Altahir Bior Ajak, as Chairman of NSIC, and to lead the process of reorganizing Muslims in South Sudan. 12- On December 3, 2007, Altahi Bior Aljack used above letter, he formed Islamic Committees in Southern States, these Committees composed mostly from members of NCP and Islamic Movement )IM(, something they never dream of. NCP members in these lists range from 88% in Central Equatoria State to 70% in East Equatoria State and 63% in Upper Nile State. 13- Around December 27, 2007, I met H. E. Pagan Amom, SPLM SecretaryGeneral in Nairobi, who promised me a ticket and accommodation in Juba. 14- After arriving Juba on January 21, 2007, I issued a Memorandum on February 18, 2008, proving legitimacy and exposing NCP relation with Mr. Altahr Bior and his formed structures. 15- On March 31, 2008, Governor of Central State H. E. General Klement Wani Konga together with Minister of Social Development, H.E. Huda Micheal Lyla, were called by the Vice President H. E. Dr. Riek Machar Teny, with presence of Altahir Bior and his Committee for Central Equatoria, where the Minister was asked to handle Islamic Institutions to that Committee. 16- On April 9, 2008, I gave Your Excellency, a letter signed by forty SPLM Muslims Members in Central Equatoria, opposing above move. 17- That was culminating with great oppositions from different groups, and letter by H. E. General Klement Wani Konga, Governor of the Central Equatoria State, on April 13, 2008, in which he stated the presence of problems within the Islamic community in his State. 18- These faithful efforts were behind the intervention of Your Excellency, calling both disputed parties to a meet in your office on April 30, 2008, (after listening to the parties, in which it was mentioned that I am not a Southern, and that I am a Darfurian), Your Excellency stated the following (what we thought) three guidelines: I- That, Nuba, Fung and people of Darfur had participated in the liberation war, and have rights for different posts. II- II- When Altahir Bior migrated to Australia, New Sudan Islamic Council as an establishment belongs to the Movement was running by nominated person. III- The Vice President Dr. Riek Machar appointment of Altahir Bior was not proper, because he didn’t took action against the one who was running the office. 19- At the end of the above meeting, Your Excellency asked us to come on May 2, 2008. Unfortunately, that never took place due to fallen of our Heroes, the Ministry of Defense and his collages. 20- On August 16, 2008, I was asked to participate in the sub-committee of the executive committee between SPLM-GOSS/NCP-GNU, then my name with other three Muslims were added to the delegation to be heading to Khartoum, chaired by H. E. Dr. Riek Machar, who added Altahir Bior name, and called both of us to his house on August 17, 2008. In the meeting, he asked to be briefed on our meeting with Your Excellency on April 30, 2008. In which he said he didn’t know that I am the Chairman of both NSIC and SSIC, then he cancelled our traveling with his delegation. 21- On August 19, 2008, I wrote Your Excellency, explaining above meeting and requesting recognition, particularly after H. E. Dr. Riek Machar mentioning that he “didn’t know that I am Chairman of both NSIC and SSIC”. 22- On August 25, 2008 H.E. Dr. Riek Machar called both of us (me and Altahir Bior) to his office that, saying NSIC file was brought back to his office, hence I asked him to determine who is the Chairman of NSIC, he said he already did that on November 8, 2008, but he wants me to work under the chairmanship of Altahir Bior, later he start forming a committee headed by Altahir Bior, with my name as the secretary general I protested, finally I withdraw from the meeting (after taking his permission),deciding to resign. 23- I was requested by many SPLM Members (Muslims in particular) not to resign. 24- Two days later, H.E. Mary Kiden, ministry of Gender, Social, and Religious Affairs, was called by H.E. Dr. Riek Machar and a list of NSIC delegate was presented to her, it even contains two names of NCP members; they were to met with Islamic organizations in the NCP. To make some balance, the ministry of Gender, Social, and Religious Affairs added some SPLM members names. 25- On September 4, 2008 a meeting was hold in Heron Camp Hotel in Juba, bringing together NSIC headed by Altahir Bior, South Sudan Supreme Islamic Council of NCP headed by Shiekh Bish and South Sudan Islamic Association of Khartoum of NCP headed by Mongo Ajack. The organizers were ex-NCPmembers, hence SPLM members added by the ministry of Gender, Social, and Religious Affairs were denied entrance; a decision was made by loyalists SPLM Muslims members to boycott the meeting, a note and Memorandum was presented to H.E. Dr. Riek Machar, with a copy to Your Excellency. 26- After withdrawal, SPLM member Ramadan Hassan Lako mediated between us, we agreed to participate, with certain conditions, unfortunately on his return, he found them already formed a steering committee, headed by Altahir Bior with both Shiekh Bish and Mongo Ajack as deputies. 27- On that day, September 5, 2008, we were informed that Your Excellency stopped the meeting, and directed us to attend Your Excellency Ramadan Breakfast for Muslims, as delivered to us by Mr. Martin Majut. Unfortunately, the group ended their meeting that night, with pre-arranged formations. 28- We tried our best to hold on our legitimacy, and on October 4, 2008 we hold press conference at Begin Hotel, in which we refer to Your Excellency above three guidelines (18-II), which express continuation and legitimacy of my Chairmanship of NSIC, hence I decided to use that authorization to form NSIC-State Committees and the NSIC Executive Committee, which I started previously with Upper Nile State and presently with both Central and East Equatoria States, bearing in mind Altahir is only Chairman of steering Committee. 29- On October 6, 2008, Your Excellency issued direction to States Governors to handle Islamic properties to Mr. Altahir Bior Ajack, a decision which we respected, but it changed balances of the situation, and caused great demoralization to Muslims members of SPLM. 30- On October 20, 2008 I was call by the South Sudan Public Security, and directed by Deputy Director to stop issuing memorandums and organizing meetings and forming committees, the Director was in the office. It was my hope that such request should have been issued by the SPLM party organs rather than the security organ, funny enough it coincided with October 21, 1964 anniversary. 31- On November 2, 2008, we formed a Committee from SPLM Muslims members, to met the SPLM Secretary General to request for covey a meeting for SPLM Muslims Members, in order to elect their legitimate body. Your Excellency, I continued the second struggle during the past three years motivated by internal believes in our noble objectives, regardless of several unfulfilled promises. That struggle was based on the right of SPLM Muslims to manage and administrate Islamic affairs through the NSIC (we aimed giving NCP percentages as stipulated by the CPA), and we fought for that regardless of these promises, with a single objective, which is to uphold the values that ignited these struggles. In the middle of all these confusions and tricks, was the Political Islam which was used by several group of people to undermine human dignity throughout human history, as we know it was severely misused against our marginalized people in the past and present war of Darfur. It was my fate to be in charge of such institution, while aiming at causing great reforms through well studied programs and in collaboration with other Scholars and Reformists, all of which intended at causing great changes, that may help saving next generations from repeating mistakes committed against us, unfortunately I was left alone confronting well trained, well financed and well organized group of people, who doesn’t care after moral values in achieving their goals. Maybe our memory is start fading, but who are those people? NCP emerged from the Salvation Regime which took power on June 30, 1989, the Salvation was a camouflage used by the National Islamic Front (NIF) to take power, NIF which was an intelligent coalition formed in 1985, started in Sudan by the Muslims Brotherhood, as propagated by some Egyptian Teachers in 1953, it change name in 1964 to Charter Front, then around 1972 the name was changed back to Muslim Brotherhood. Political Islam implemented by above group and others worldwide, had brought great suffering to humanity during the past three decades, we in SPLM/A knows much better than others what dose they stand for, and their means in implementing these goals. Based on our believes in peace and reconciliation, obtained from the core of Islamic teaching and modern Human developments, we had forgive them for what they did, but we can’t forget the Jihad war and the renegade description given to Muslims members of SPLM/A, it was one of the issues that had caused great pains to our late Hero Cdr. Yousif Kuwa Makee, it was these acts which forced us to search for ways to bring reforms into Islam, and to implement Humanity Islam, which was proofed by Prof. Abdullahi Ahmed An-Naím to represent the Shariea in it is highly developed process. From this brief outlines it is clear that, this is an ideological struggle between reformists and those whose aims are controlling others mentality and destiny. Within that context we planned to reconcile with NCP Muslims members as I explained to Your Excellency on January 2007, it was based on Reconciliatory Conference aimed at integrating them into the society and bringing peace within Muslims Community. Unfortunately, these and the proposed Islamic reforms we intended to implement, were a notion that lacks a time-frame., Your Excellency, the logic of God and life could seem odd and strange to ours, as I thought we could have enhanced developments of Sudanese people, in different aspects, the Islamic religion among which. Thus the dispute within the NSIC was a crucial stage for the Movement, as it showed the planning and determinations of the NCP, it also showed our weakness and lack of vision and ideas towards important questions such as Islamic Religion. As seen, great efforts were made by many SPLM loyalists to avert present dilemma and future consequences, unfortunately recognizing the Steering Committee, represents great setback, great sorrow to Muslims within the Movement and a personal tragedy for me, simply because the Steering Committee represents the same NCP committees formed last year, by Altahir Bior (as seen in his last committees dominated by NCP), and above all it is against what we were fighting for two decades. These mentioned efforts were aimed at establishing much better Muslims society and to achieve the basic changes dreamed by our people, the late hero Cdr. Yousif Kuwa Makee, and to protect our people and society from the current world experiences. On the other hand, while in power, possessing revolution legitimacy, we failed to utilize that by proper investment in Islamic institution that was established by SPLM itself (NSIC), hence this also shows a personal failure for someone who never join any political party and dedicated himself toward establishment of perfect society, as the past paragraphs can showed. Finally, since there is a rumor that, I am the obstacle for NSIC been recognized by some top SPLM executive (as I lack the tribal criteria), I decided to bow down for others to lead for that change, and decided to present my resignation as Chairman of South Sudan Islamic Council, Chairman of New Sudan Islamic Council and SPLM Membership, while doing so, I am apologizing to our fellow Muslims and others who were with great expectations for a meaningful change we were aiming for. Sincerely, Yours Mahmoud E. Yousif Juba, November 15, 2008

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GOSS Leadership, Please Read the Writing(s) on the Wall

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Complaints against GOSS raised by Bari community continued to to mount by the day and the likelihoods of GOSS and the leaders of this community to iron out there differences seems to be remote. Lasu Losowa is warning that if GOSS leadership fails to show leadership, the situation may sip out of hands.

GOSS Leadership, Please Read the Writing(s) on the Wall


Lasu Losowa

In an earlier commentary on the Bari Community press release demanding the relocation of the capital of the Southern Sudan away from Juba, I cautioned that the grievances of the Bari should not be swept under the carpet. Now, in the Khartoum Monitor of Saturday 3, 2009 the same community has served President Salva Kiir Mayadit with an official memo asking GOSS to transfer its capital to another town of their choice in Southern Sudan. Again, I want to sound my warning to the GOSS authorities in Juba that these demands should not be treated lightly.

Dinka and Bari Conflict likely to degenerate to another Kokora War in Juba

Dinka and Bari Conflict likely to degenerate to another Kokora War in Juba

Some leaders of GOSS might think that these are just trivial issues which do not require the attention of the authorities. But let me remind them that great events normally start as small issues. In the Southern Sudan we have plenty of such small beginnings, which in the course of time culminated into great events. The calls by Equatorians for further decentralization (Kokora) of the South started in such a manner. Those in GOSS who have short memories should consult our learned lawyer, Abel Alier or better still they should speak to Mr. Makuei Deng, the Inspector General of Police, for both men were in the center of what led to Kokora.

In the late 1980s when Equatorians started complaining about Dinka domination and marginalization by Abel Alier’s government nobody paid attention. Peaceful demands for redressing the situation were met with brute force. Equatorians were harassed by the predominantly Dinka police and their political leaders and activists were arrested and detained without due recourse to law. Abel Alier’s government refused to allow any public discussion of or debate on the grievances raised by the people of Equatoria. Dinka leaders categorized Equatorians as cowards who would never wage a fight against the Dinka. People like the late DR. Justin Yac (God rest his soul in peace) had the guts and arrogance to make inflammatory statements to effect that it would take Equatorians one hundred years to get rid of Dinkas from Equatoria. Well, it did not take 100 years for Abel Alier’s Dinka dominated government to be dismantled. It is needless to restate here the unfortunate and tragic events which took place during those days of Kokora because that part of our history is now common knowledge. But the point here is that it is important to pay attention to issues in a timely manner, however insignificant they may seem, for it will not be in the interest of the South to have a repeat of Kokora.

Today, the Bari have boldly come out to ask not only for the relocation of the capital from Juba but also for non-Equatorians to leave Juba and indeed Central Equatoria. They have clearly stated the reasons why they think it would be better for the capital of the South to be somewhere else. It must also be noted here that in the recent past and even as I write this piece the people of Yei, Kaya, Yambio, Maridi, Kajo-Kejji, Tombura and Nimule  have all asked for the Dinka to be repatriated to their home areas. People in these areas have expressed similar grievances as those of the Bari against the conduct and behavior of some Dinka elements, chief among these grievances are issues relating to land grabbing, killings, rapes, harassment, domination, marginalization, corruption, destruction of crops by Dinka cattle etc., etc. These grievances were exacerbated in 2008 by the cold blood murder of three high ranking Equatorian police officers in Yambio by some Dinka elements in the SPLA and the recent killing of four young Equatorians in Juba on the eve of the New Year. This is besides the continuous daily killing of innocent Equatorian civilians in Juba and other towns in Equatoria, which killings GOSS has paid a deaf ear and a blind eye. To date, and to the dismay of Equatorians in general, the killers of the three police officers have not been brought to book.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist or a political maverick to figure out that there is a tide building in Equatoria against what they consider to be a Dinka dominated GOSS. As we all know Equatorians are generally very patient and loving people. They love their brothers and sisters the Dinka, the Nuer, the Chollo, the Anyuak, the Fertit and others in Southern Sudan. But, for them now to react the way they are reacting demonstrates very clearly that they have run out of patience and love for their brothers especially the Dinka. It is said that if you push a cat into the corner it will fight with all its might to protect itself. This now seems to be the case with the Bari in particular and the Equatorians in general. It may, therefore,  just be a matter of time before these sentiments of frustration and anger are galvanized and transformed into a solid region-wide (Equatoria) movement which will fight against the ills being perpetrated against their citizens in Greater Equatoria.

But, as stated in my previous article on this matter, the solution to the grave problems obtaining in Juba and in Equatoria does not rest on the transfer of the capital to another place or the expulsion of Dinkas from Equatoria. The solution to these problems rests on GOSS exercising leadership and adopting stern measures to protect citizens and their property. President Salva Kiir and the GOSS leadership must take the lead in speaking out against the ills being perpetuated against the citizens of Equatoria. President Kiir must act in the same way he acted when problems erupted in Warrap, Aweil and Rumbek. His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit and his government must put in place concrete and practical strategies and policies which will eliminate the problems of land grabbing, insecurity, harassment, wanton killing of innocent citizens, raping of women and girls, domination of key institutions by the Dinka and so on and so on. All of these problems are solvable if and when GOSS rises to the occasion to lead and govern. The long standing lazier-faire attitude of GOSS with regard to serious  issues of national or regional concern must come to a stop or else we can kiss the unity of our people goodbye. It would appear that the citizens of Equatoria are not happy with President Kiir’s continued silence on the issues of insecurity, land grabbing, killings, tribal domination etc. which have gripped Juba and some areas of Equatoria since the establishment of the Southern Sudan government.

If GOSS really has the ability to read, it must read the writing(s) on the wall NOW and take the necessary steps to prevent what is looming in the horizon. Another Kokora is not needed at this critical time as we prepare our people to decide their fate in the coming elections in 2009 and the referendum in 2011. Finally, it is the hope of this author that GOSS will take this piece as an honest and constructive criticism  of its performance coming from a committed member of the SPLM who wants the government to succeed in governing our people and providing them the needed protection and services.

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January 8, 2009 at 5:17 pm

Juba Prison Relaxes Prison Women laws

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Juba December 21st 2008

By Isaac Vuni

“We are surprised to be allowed in women prison for the first time to conduct prayer together with our separated dear mothers along with twelve innocent children in Juba central prison”, remarks Young Christian Students.

“Today is our first time to enter Juba central prison of women to share encouragement words of Jesus Christ with our dear mothers whose innocent twelve children are wrongly   imprisoned with their mothers”.

There are fifty one women in Juba prison including one condemned, 28 convicted, three foreigners from Uganda and Kenya while 22 awaiting sentences some are pregnant either during their stay in prison or they came with prior to their detention.

The women have no prison uniforms on themselves;  one of them who asked not to be named complained that  they are being overworked by prison authority.

The  men sections and cells  of the prison  are overcrowding  with about  three hundred prisoners,  including 37 juveniles

Scopas Taban Lolabang, former combatant SPLA engineer, who lost right arms in the field urged prioners to have faith in God for all their needs.

Earlier prison  Chaplin, pastor  Alex Loboka Wota from Episcopal Church of the Sudan complaint that Juba  prison lack reading material such as bible while the televisions has no power  including lack of ambulance for transporting sick prisoners. He appeals to well-wishers to donate motorbike for Chaplin mobility including visitation of hospitalized prisoner’s ant encouragement of their families.

Pastor Wota also appeals to well-wishers to help in releasing a disable person now detained for the last three years without trial.

He also registered appreciation to government of southern Sudan for allowing religious community to daily preach the words of God without hindrance.

St. Teresa Arabic choir brought gave six bags of sugar to prisoners while holy mass was celebrated by Fr. Julious Oling Wani, former Juba prisoners convict who urged prisoners to become change urgent to others while out of prison.

Prisoners Ebale Simon Ohuro, 32 years, father of four children, sentenced to five years on man slaughter allegedly instigation by Commissioner Massimino Alam relative of the victims now demanding payment of  three thousand Sudanese pounds  dia  before his release and now left with a year.

While John Juma Tadeyo, 45 years, father of ten children and two wives, sentenced to five years since 2006 together with his three sisters, one died on 19th December 2007and they were ordered to pays 3000 SDG dia, appeal to well-wishers to rescue them especially children now neglected by government.

Juba central prison constructed in 1947 has a maximum capacity of 300 inmates but now hold 807 including orphans juveniles ranging from seven to twelve years who are detained on alleged traffic offences as prison officers took over their reformatory centre for officers training while accused Goss of failing to release funds for renovation and construction of juveniles centre.

Currently Juba central prison that accommodate prisoners from ten states of Southern Sudan has 33 condemned, 317 convicted, 50 foreigners, 34 Juveniles, 339 awaiting trial on various alleged crimes including murders and detained 34 mentally unbalance persons.
There will be ecumenical prayer on 26th December

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