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GOSS Extravagant Spending in the Past Three Years

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SPLM Show-off Disbursement, Extravagance

By:Helen Anderw

News reports published that the GoSS Minister of Finance said that there is already a laid down intention by his government to evacuate officials living in expensive hotels around Juba using government money.

According to the Minister, every official living in one of those hotels spends at least US$150 per day and that GoSS will no longer pay those officials’ bills.

Considering that those officials were accommodated in Juba hotels since 2005 with at least US$150 per day for each, that means that about one official cost the GoSS since 2005 about US$219,000 (equivalent to SDG438,000,000).
You just imagine the benefit of such a big amount of money to the normal citizen in the south if it is utilized in providing basic health, education, medical services!

Regrettably GoSS step should have been taken early enough and before wasting all these millions in such a show-off disbursement.
GoSS should have concentrated on providing its citizens with the basic services instead spending money in celebrations or other luxuries.
GoSS should direct its limited resources toward productive activities.
Southern Sudan needs development, reconstruction and basic services after all the years of the civil war.

But instead GoSS is adopting the show-off disbursement and directing the resources in the government organs through accommodating its ministers and legislators in Juba hotels costing thousands of dollars daily.
The latest news infiltrated from the south is that GoSS has allocated US$24 million to organize the CPA Fifth Anniversary celebrations which will take place in Malaka


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Human rights bill passes in South Sudan legislature

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By Isaac Vuni

January 13, 2009 (JUBA) – The South Sudan Legislative Assembly today passed the Human Rights Bill following yesterday’s unexpected adjournment.

JPEG - 16.4 kb

Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (Photoc SSLA)

Hon. Caesar Bayeh Loyalala attempted to revise the original text, which he considered in favour of government, arguing that the Human Rights and Anticorruption Commissions including auditor general chamber have extra judiciary power.

Contributing to a heated debate on the bill, Hon. Mohamed El Hag said it was overdue as daily rampant killings, particularly in Juba city, amount to violations of human rights.

Hon. Peter Bashir observed that the human rights record in Sudan had been and is still very poor even though SPLM appointed an independent commission in June 2007.

Another legislator, Hon. Jimmy Wongo, suggested consolidating 19 commissions that are duplicating duties in southern Sudan. He urges southerners to be proud because human rights and anti-corruption commissions do not exist in the Islamic-led Khartoum government.

Hon. David William Tut suggested that those nominated as commissioners should be properly scrutinized and be non-partisan people.

Hon. Wall Deng Ajak observed that men and women were slaughtered in southern Sudan’s hospitals and opposed reducing the status of the commission to state minister.

Then Hon. Deng Kual said the worst violators of human rights in Southern Sudan are top political leaders in any given location.

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs Dr. Martin Lomuro emphasized that some states like Central and Eastern Equatoria have acted in disrespect to laws passed by the august house.

Meanwhile Hon. Loluke explained that Human Rights and Anticorruption commissions have not been working properly for the last two years in Eastern Equatoria as Governor Ojetuk manipulate and denied medical treatment to people deliberately being detained by his authority.

Loluke added that effective operational commissions in south Sudan are led by women, and wondered at the 17 men leading the commission.

There were 83 MPs present plus five absent with permission totaling 88 legislators for quorum, and the bill was passed for the third and final reading at 1:15 p.m.


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In Their Own Words: What South leaders say and do!

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By: Theresa Angua, Denmark.

JAN. 11/2009, SSN; South Sudan’s self-imposed leaders have two main
annual rituals: (1) to come to the United States and make good to any
sitting president, and (2) to visit their families that are scattered
across all continents of the world. Last week they did just that. And as
usual, at the nation’s expense.

GOSS President Salva Kiir and a large entourage to America

GOSS President Salva Kiir and a large entourage to America

Salva Kiir for his part, flew in an army of 33 “delegates”, ostensibly
on an official visit. How much it cost South Sudan is anyone’s guess.
And all for a trip that didn’t even get airtime on any network except
for a single sneaked-out photo of him and President Bush. He then went
on to urge South Sudanese in the U.S. to consider returning home and
rebuilding the nation. Easier said than done…

Meanwhile in the Southern Hemisphere, Pagan Amum was busy admitting
[half-heartedly] to the South Sudanese community in Victoria, Australia,
that, “we’ve been a failed state since independence,” and that GOSS is
“like a 3-year old child sitting for university exams”. Let’s take a
look at what these two gentlemen say and what they do.

Salva Kirr may have been in North America to thank President Bush for
what he had done to South Sudan in terms of the CPA (even though he
(Kiir) and his cohorts are miserably failing at keeping it alive) and to
boost the morale of those in exile and garner support.

But he may have also been aware, in his heart of hearts, that
Southerners weren’t going to take his words at face value. Who can blame
them? For there’s a difference between what GOSS wants for South Sudan
and what it can deliver.

The events that have been unfolding in the country post-CPA speak
volumes about what ordinary S. Sudanese can expect from this
tribally-centered, self-serving government.  If GOSS cannot even provide
basic security (let alone basic services and infrastructure), who can be
foolhardy enough to quit a job in the West, go to S. Sudan and find
him/herself without any kind of protection (physical or property) or a
piece of land to build on?

I’m a graduate student from Equatoria (Madi) and our land is perhaps the
most devastated in terms of this GOSS/SPLA-backed lawlessness that has
spiraled out of control. Yet we’re some of the most educated,
highly-skilled, and hardworking Sudanese in Equatoria. If Salva Kirr
were serious about tapping into the expertise of S. Sudanese in exile,
why would he allow this barbaric culture to flourish there?

I’m talking about Madi, Bari, Acholi, Kakwa, and other lands in Greater
Equatoria that have become every criminal’s Mecca. In short, GOSS cannot
allow these unwanted exports [illiterate marauders] from Jonglei State
to continue terrorizing those who genuinely want to develop their land
while preaching “return” overseas. These people are nothing more than an
impediment to development in S. Sudan and GOSS knows that.

So President Kiir, please do some reality check and make sure that what
is happening on the ground is in synch with what you want for S. Sudan.
Otherwise I only see us vying with Somalia for the title of “the most
failed state” in the near future. You have what it takes to become one
and that choice is yours.

Coming back to Pagam Amum, I appreciate his courage for saying that we
have been a failed state since independence. However, he failed to
acknowledge that the very fact that he was in Australia on a personal
trip paid out of the nation’s coffers was itself a contribution to the
failure of Sudan in general and S. Sudan in particular.

There is a strange predilection to blame all of GOSS’s woes on NCP the
same way Mugabe blames all of  Zimbabwe’s on U.K. Mr. Amum can only
convince Southerners that NCP is the problem if and only if he and his
cohort in GOSS can prove that they have dutifully/ethically carried out
all their responsibilities to Southerners. So far, we have not seen
anything tangible post CPA despite the shared oil revenue.

We seem to be going backwards, not forwards. Southern Sudanese are left
to suffer from buyer’s remorse in regards to GOSS/SPLA. We’re no longer
sure which one is better: War-time or peace-time? GOSS or NCP?

In the light of this situation, I would like Mr. Amum to account for
GOSS’s own contribution(s) to the failure of S. Sudan before bashing
Khartoum. Charity begins at home…

As for the “3-year old” analogy that he threw out, Mr. Amum was again
right to admit that GOSS is an entity that is trying to perform duties
it is not qualified for.

Kudos for that; but the truth is, Southern Sudan is not a nation of
3-year olds. So how about make way for qualified individuals to take
over? Because clearly, GOSS has proven that you cannot impose a jungle
administration on a civilized nation. We are a better country than this
and it’s about time a competent administration took over.

Otherwise we are on the verge of becoming the latest laughing stock on
the African continent.

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GOSS Leadership, Please Read the Writing(s) on the Wall

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Complaints against GOSS raised by Bari community continued to to mount by the day and the likelihoods of GOSS and the leaders of this community to iron out there differences seems to be remote. Lasu Losowa is warning that if GOSS leadership fails to show leadership, the situation may sip out of hands.

GOSS Leadership, Please Read the Writing(s) on the Wall


Lasu Losowa

In an earlier commentary on the Bari Community press release demanding the relocation of the capital of the Southern Sudan away from Juba, I cautioned that the grievances of the Bari should not be swept under the carpet. Now, in the Khartoum Monitor of Saturday 3, 2009 the same community has served President Salva Kiir Mayadit with an official memo asking GOSS to transfer its capital to another town of their choice in Southern Sudan. Again, I want to sound my warning to the GOSS authorities in Juba that these demands should not be treated lightly.

Dinka and Bari Conflict likely to degenerate to another Kokora War in Juba

Dinka and Bari Conflict likely to degenerate to another Kokora War in Juba

Some leaders of GOSS might think that these are just trivial issues which do not require the attention of the authorities. But let me remind them that great events normally start as small issues. In the Southern Sudan we have plenty of such small beginnings, which in the course of time culminated into great events. The calls by Equatorians for further decentralization (Kokora) of the South started in such a manner. Those in GOSS who have short memories should consult our learned lawyer, Abel Alier or better still they should speak to Mr. Makuei Deng, the Inspector General of Police, for both men were in the center of what led to Kokora.

In the late 1980s when Equatorians started complaining about Dinka domination and marginalization by Abel Alier’s government nobody paid attention. Peaceful demands for redressing the situation were met with brute force. Equatorians were harassed by the predominantly Dinka police and their political leaders and activists were arrested and detained without due recourse to law. Abel Alier’s government refused to allow any public discussion of or debate on the grievances raised by the people of Equatoria. Dinka leaders categorized Equatorians as cowards who would never wage a fight against the Dinka. People like the late DR. Justin Yac (God rest his soul in peace) had the guts and arrogance to make inflammatory statements to effect that it would take Equatorians one hundred years to get rid of Dinkas from Equatoria. Well, it did not take 100 years for Abel Alier’s Dinka dominated government to be dismantled. It is needless to restate here the unfortunate and tragic events which took place during those days of Kokora because that part of our history is now common knowledge. But the point here is that it is important to pay attention to issues in a timely manner, however insignificant they may seem, for it will not be in the interest of the South to have a repeat of Kokora.

Today, the Bari have boldly come out to ask not only for the relocation of the capital from Juba but also for non-Equatorians to leave Juba and indeed Central Equatoria. They have clearly stated the reasons why they think it would be better for the capital of the South to be somewhere else. It must also be noted here that in the recent past and even as I write this piece the people of Yei, Kaya, Yambio, Maridi, Kajo-Kejji, Tombura and Nimule  have all asked for the Dinka to be repatriated to their home areas. People in these areas have expressed similar grievances as those of the Bari against the conduct and behavior of some Dinka elements, chief among these grievances are issues relating to land grabbing, killings, rapes, harassment, domination, marginalization, corruption, destruction of crops by Dinka cattle etc., etc. These grievances were exacerbated in 2008 by the cold blood murder of three high ranking Equatorian police officers in Yambio by some Dinka elements in the SPLA and the recent killing of four young Equatorians in Juba on the eve of the New Year. This is besides the continuous daily killing of innocent Equatorian civilians in Juba and other towns in Equatoria, which killings GOSS has paid a deaf ear and a blind eye. To date, and to the dismay of Equatorians in general, the killers of the three police officers have not been brought to book.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist or a political maverick to figure out that there is a tide building in Equatoria against what they consider to be a Dinka dominated GOSS. As we all know Equatorians are generally very patient and loving people. They love their brothers and sisters the Dinka, the Nuer, the Chollo, the Anyuak, the Fertit and others in Southern Sudan. But, for them now to react the way they are reacting demonstrates very clearly that they have run out of patience and love for their brothers especially the Dinka. It is said that if you push a cat into the corner it will fight with all its might to protect itself. This now seems to be the case with the Bari in particular and the Equatorians in general. It may, therefore,  just be a matter of time before these sentiments of frustration and anger are galvanized and transformed into a solid region-wide (Equatoria) movement which will fight against the ills being perpetrated against their citizens in Greater Equatoria.

But, as stated in my previous article on this matter, the solution to the grave problems obtaining in Juba and in Equatoria does not rest on the transfer of the capital to another place or the expulsion of Dinkas from Equatoria. The solution to these problems rests on GOSS exercising leadership and adopting stern measures to protect citizens and their property. President Salva Kiir and the GOSS leadership must take the lead in speaking out against the ills being perpetuated against the citizens of Equatoria. President Kiir must act in the same way he acted when problems erupted in Warrap, Aweil and Rumbek. His Excellency Salva Kiir Mayardit and his government must put in place concrete and practical strategies and policies which will eliminate the problems of land grabbing, insecurity, harassment, wanton killing of innocent citizens, raping of women and girls, domination of key institutions by the Dinka and so on and so on. All of these problems are solvable if and when GOSS rises to the occasion to lead and govern. The long standing lazier-faire attitude of GOSS with regard to serious  issues of national or regional concern must come to a stop or else we can kiss the unity of our people goodbye. It would appear that the citizens of Equatoria are not happy with President Kiir’s continued silence on the issues of insecurity, land grabbing, killings, tribal domination etc. which have gripped Juba and some areas of Equatoria since the establishment of the Southern Sudan government.

If GOSS really has the ability to read, it must read the writing(s) on the wall NOW and take the necessary steps to prevent what is looming in the horizon. Another Kokora is not needed at this critical time as we prepare our people to decide their fate in the coming elections in 2009 and the referendum in 2011. Finally, it is the hope of this author that GOSS will take this piece as an honest and constructive criticism  of its performance coming from a committed member of the SPLM who wants the government to succeed in governing our people and providing them the needed protection and services.

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Breaking News: Nhial Deng Nhial Appoined SPLA Affairs Minister

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Monday 22 December 2008 05:30.

December 21, 2008 (JUBA) — The President of the Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) and Commander-in-Chief of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA), General Salva Kiir Mayardit issued a Presidential Decree appointing Nhial Deng Nhial as Minister for SPLA Affairs.

JPEG - 11.8 kb
Nhial Deng Nhial is seen behind the late SPLM leader John Garang before a documents signing ceremony between a Sudanese government official and a negotiator from the former rebel SPLM on November 19, 2004.

The Presidential Decree No. 175/2008 appoints Nhial Deng, former GoSS Minister of Regional Cooperation, as the Southern Sudan army’s defense minister with effect from today, December 21, 2008.

The appointment comes after a statement by the Governor of Jonglei State, Kuol Manyang Juuk, that he had been approached by Salva Kiir to fill the important vacant position since the death of the former SPLA Affairs Minister, Dominic Dim Deng, who died in a plane crash on May 2, 2008.

Nhial Deng, who belongs to the Dinka Bhar El-Gazal region, is the son of the famous late southern Sudanese leader William Deng Nhial, who was assassinated in 1968 by the Sudanese army. William Deng led the exiled Sudan African Nationalist Union (SANU), but returned to Sudan just before his death to take part in the 1968 elections.

Aspiring to his father’s role of statesman, Nhial Deng completed an education in Khartoum and earned a degree in law in the early 1980s.

Nhial’s resignation from GoSS ministry of regional cooperation in May 2006, only a few months after his appointment, brought controversy and debate over the reason for his departure. Some reports said it was because his ministry was financially neglected and with there was rampant corruption inside the government, or because of the significant funds spent on the integration of the SPLA with the SSDF armed groups.

However, neither Nhial nor any other official explained why he had quitted the nascent southern Sudan administration. Afterward, he left Sudan to settle in England for two years where he continued his studies of law.

As a result of continual attempts by his comrades in the SPLM, particularly Pagan Amum and others, he made his comeback to Juba earlier this year. He then caused a surprise by declaring his candidacy for the chairmanship he SPLM against Salva Kiir as well as Riek Machar at the second convention of the party last May in Juba.

Since then, he is seen beside Salva Kiir during his travels inside or outside the Sudan.

His appointment will likely be appreciated by the southern Sudanese army, which is dominated by generals who believe they are the holders of the legacy of the late John Garang, the founder of the SPLM.

The close relationship between Garang and Nhial once sparked rumours that Salva Kiir would possibly be evicted from his position as deputy chairman of the movement. But the matter was cleared up in a three-day meeting which took place in Rumbek from November 29 to December 1, 2004, one month before the signing of the CPA agreement that ended the north-south war.

The SPLM was originally the political wing of the SPLA, an insurgency that waged war for 22 years against the Khartoum-based government of Sudan, before joining the national government in a 2005 peace deal that also made SPLM the ruling party in Southern Sudan.

The SPLA uprising began in 1983 when John Garang, then the head of the army’s Staff College in Omdurman, joined guerrillas and the 105 battalion in mutinying and fleeing to Ethiopia.

The CPA established the SPLA as Sudanese army is southern Sudan while the Sudan Armed Force is considered as northern Sudan army. Both are forming the Sudanese army. The Joint Integrated Units formed in accordance to the peace deal are supposed to the nucleus of the future united army id the southern Sudan opts to remain part of a united state.

This week the Juba parliament passed the army budget; accordingly the SPLA gets forty percent of the southern region’s budget annually which translate to 400 million Sudanese pounds (US$187 million).


(Reporting by James Gatdet Dak, editing by Daniel Van Oudenaren)

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Report Indicates Rise in GoSS Allocations, Drop in Central Government Returns

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Report Indicates Rise in GoSS Allocations, Drop in Central Government Returns

Khartoum, 17 Dec. 08 (Sudan Vision) — The report presented by the head of the Allocation and Revenues Control Commission, Dr. Mohammed Osman Ibrahim, before the National Assembly yesterday indicated an increase in the allocations of the Government of South Sudan (GoSS) for 2008 along with a drop in the allocations of the federal government and northern states for the same period.
Ibrahim stated in his report that the rate of GoSS allocations stood at 19.1%, at an increase of 2.9% while allocations of the federal government amounted to 54%, posting a drop of 1.2% over the previous year. Allocations of the northern states rated 26.9%, registering a drop by 1.7%
The report in addition indicated a drop of 4.9% in the actual performance of the federal government during the first half of 2008 while GoSS performance scaled up to 10.7%, ascribing the increase to settlement of some of GoSS arrears for 2007. Ibrahim noted that total national revenues deposited in the national revenues fund reached 9.5 billion pounds for the three levels of government. The report on the other hand stated that actual performance of expenditure during the first half of 2008 amounted to 11,019.3 million pounds at a performance rate of 98.2%.

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Military options against LRA will end in fiasco.

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In response to the tripartite military operations involving Uganda, Congo an South Sudan forces against LRA in Garamba forest Congo, Boutrus Biel present a grim scenario of the possible reactions of Joseph Kony through the resort to his gruesome tactics of spreading his forces out thinly, return to Sudan and targeting soft targets including poorly defended areas and citizens, a repeat of his usual modus operandi.

Military options against LRA will end in fiasco.

By: Boutros Biel

December 14, 2008


For those who won’t let mine be part of their analysis, I will have names forged or invented, however, at the end of the opposition, truth will emerge for this argument and that is my belief and along with other optimists here and there. “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it” said George S. If only to best recall my experience of the Lord Resistance Army’s alleged crimes while in Uganda. Those painful days when Mr. Opio of the UNHCR Pakelle-Adjumani base was gunned down by the same Konyi’s Last Ruthless Aim {LRA}.

LRA soldiers keep guard at the assembly point in Ri-Kwangba on the Sudan-Congo border, Western Equatoria, April 10, 2008. (Reuters)

LRA soldiers keep guard at the assembly point in Ri-Kwangba on the Sudan-Congo border, Western Equatoria, April 10, 2008. (Reuters)

As if that was not enough, my own teacher, Engineer Tobia Odwa from ‘Kocoa Seminary’ was let permanently go along the same Gulu-Adjumani road. Those series of atrocities were committed by the LRA in the face of so called Uganda People’s Defence Forces {UPDF} and I don’t think if there’s anyone to convince the Southern Sudanese exile returnees from Uganda that dealing with LRA militarily is an easy ride solution to the regional atrocities committed. Madi of Nimule or those who had been to Eastern Equatoria in places like Parjok, Magwi, name them and of late the Kajo-Keji citizens plus Western Equatorians combined, in honesty, can be perfect witnesses to my assertion. LRA led by the same man Joseph Konyi has not changed anything per se. The group is still as it was in the beginning and now as it shall always be with its terror without end.

The former Catholic man’s army is tuned to wipe whoever his spirits direct to hook off {I wonder why the Catholic Church doesn’t revoke his Christian name ‘Joseph’ and equally excommunicate him from the mother church}!. The ICC arrest warrant is a possible obstacle to the Final Peace Agreement expected between Museveni-led government and Kony-manuveuvred group however, Joseph Konyi, the man would have challenged Museveni to the greatest heights had he{Konyi}signed on November 29th, 2008 the Final Peace Agreement. Museveni would have no excuses over withdrawing the ICC thing from the Haque. For Joseph Konyi, as of now whichever way, the risks on his own life are very high. If he doesn’t sign, he would remain in the bushes of Southern Sudan exchanging the location with that of DR. Congo and Central African Republic and not as a free as he assumes but as the most insecure man ever known on earth.

LRA as usual kills indiscriminately and that’s why Konyi didn’t spare his own right hand man Vincent Otti———his own deputy over years who managed to survive with him under worst UPDF hunts even when those LRA members like Sam Okolo their spokesman betrayed their cause. Otti remained loyal to Konyi and LRA command but unfortunately Konyi slaughtered him instantly. GoSS Vice President Riek Machar has been one of the patient guys to see sense of persuading LRA through diplomacy other than barrel of the guns but there are majority in Juba and Kampala who doesn’t see the wisdom of this tactful dealing emphasized by Dr. Machar. The impatient and incalculable group had long wanted to deal away with Konyi militarily little did anyone imagine what would be the repercussion of dealing gun-fully with a mafia of confused and objective less group whose composition leaves a lot to be desired.

When the SPLA and the Uganda People’s Defence Forces{UPDF} plus that orphan army left in the hands of young Joseph Kabila so desire to attack LRA militarily as they have just done, then the entire Equatoria region and Juba itself ought to prepare henceforth to meet the real devil. LRA would go back to its old evil tactics of moving in series of twos, twenty, threes, etc. They will cause havocs between Nimule-Juba road, Yei-Kaya and Yei-Juba roads. They will also stage ambushes to civilian and humanitarian vehicles along Torit-Juba road. Places like Gulu-Attiak-Adjumani, Pakwach-Karuma roads in Uganda would become insecure again. Abductions will become the order of the day. South Sudan, DR Congo and Central African Republic combined will become battlefields. Neither the SPLA nor the UPDF would be able to contain the situation. One would ask simply; ‘how can big and well equipped armies like UPDF and SPLA fail to defeat the tiny ill-armed rebel group led by uneducated former catechist Konyi? The answer is simple, LRA if came directly to fight, either the SPLA or the UPDF would wipe them in very short time but that has not been the case. The styles used by LRA are ever of amusement to both armies.

The LRA uses methods like ‘shoot’ ‘kill’, ‘spoil’ and ‘go’! How many UPDF soldiers had the LRA killed in Northern Uganda? How many SPLA soldiers did the LRA murder in Nimule and most parts of Eastern Equatoria? Honest answers can be frankly found with the SPLA and UPDF soldiers who one day witnessed the LRA atrocities. Therefore, it’s my humble opinion that Museveni-Konyi Peace Talks brokered by South Sudan number 2 Dr. Riek Machar must not be left. This Last Ruthless Aim {LRA} is worst than corruption in Southern Sudan and will take many lives if allowed to go back to its many years’ madness. Those non analysts who mislead GoSS leadership must not discourage its Vice President Riek Machar. General Salva Kiir must not be misadvised to discard his own child {Museveni-Konyi Peace Initiative} which the General had much worked to make available through his deputy Riek Machar. History has shown that only few managed to take pride to outnumber rebel movement through the barrel of the gun. As we are all aware of, war is very expensive and dealing with LRA militarily is very expensive business which neither South Sudan nor Uganda, DR Congo and CAR combined will escape its evil fruits if so desired to choose the unknown side of the coin.

When the first bullet is re-fired on LRA, then Bashir-Konyi relationship would take double face. Janjaweed in form of Ambororo being in Western and Central Equatoria lands will by Khartoum be armed to teeth and may probably join hand with any devil for the worst. South Sudan will be engaged in avoidable unnecessary wars. It will be difficult for the GoSS leadership to function effectively in Juba. As consequence, citizens would lose interest in their government due to rampant insecurity much as prevalent circumstances will portray GoSS as being incapable to protect its own citizens . Cattle rustlings would be rampant in Jonglei, Lakes and Eastern Equatoria states simply because insecurity will be very high as SPLA will be engaged in non objective war with LRA. Those being non patriotic and irresponsible nationalists will double their grab for public property—by that point in time, it will be very difficult for General Salva Kiir Mayardit to clear-cut whether to continue declaring war on LRA or on corruption. VP Machar would have been discouraged very long time ago and would just sit in the towel to exercise his gentlemanship for the sake of peace and order within the SPLM and GoSS.

Those drunk now to fight LRA in order to cause insecurity and increase corruption in the South shall have gotten their lion share and already turned pretending to join the discontented citizens to level GoSS as if ‘a failed Government’——–hence critics would thus come up to say; ‘you see, didn’t we talk of it that GoSS under Salva Kiir and Riek Machar is unable government?’. The likes of Dr. Turabi would have been on the stage preaching slogans such as ‘look, southerners can’t manage to govern themselves’. Discontented Southern citizens due to insecurity and corruption plus other circumstances may consider 2011 referendum a forgone conclusion if not approached it with mixed or unprepared hearts and minds.

Against all this background, it’s now better to pursue LRA peacefully till they sign the Final Peace Agreement with their archenemy Museveni other than South Sudan being falsely lured to war that will later be hard to extinguish. The slogan that ‘’if you want peace, prepare for war’’ is irrelevant in the LRA case. The group has had no relevant objective and therefore, be handled with care—–peacefully and tactfully. Fellow Southerners, believe it that military option against LRA, will be a great miscalculation and unforgivable boomerang to South Sudan and GoSS which’s the sitting government of the day will leave to regr. ———–For president of the Republic of Uganda General Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, his country and his presidential guards have nothing to worry this time round as the most unpredictable war of LRA has been technically transferred to Southern Sudan and be fought here henceforth. However, it’s no of underestimation that the LRA will sneak back to Uganda and will possibly cause insecurity under the ‘hit’ and ‘run’ tactics with frequent roaming to and fro as the main battles will be wrestled in South Sudan. Is GoSS through SPLA really prepared to fight the war for others and moreover in Southern Sudan? It’s unfortunate indeed, that only a few of Southern Sudanese who are able to see while sitting what others are unable to project even when they are standing. Anybody listening there????? Let’s kick well, the ball is still up and the rest is left to the conventional wisdom of concerned Southerners!

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