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Eastern Equatoria State Grapples with High Levels of Youth Uneployment and Crime

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Eastern Equatoria State has recently seen a new form of crime i.e. organized crimes including assassinations and acts of arson. At least two prominent staff senior government officials, both working for the state ministry of local government, were killed in dubious circumstances:  Ms Consy, an office manager in the office of the ministry and Joseph Abahala, the Director General of the same ministry.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, December 30, 2008 (Gurtong) – The Deputy Governor of Eastern Equatorial State, His Excellency George Echom Ekeno, has expressed concern with the high rates of unemployment of university graduates in the state.

In an exclusive interview with Gurtong on Monday 29th December, Ekeno, who is also the State Minister of Local Government, confirmed that about two-thirds of the youth in the state remain unemployed despite having graduated from  marketable courses.

He explained that due to the frustrations of studying hard in the hope of getting jobs and failing to do so, the idle youths have resorted to theft and other sorts of crimes in order to sustain their livelihoods.

“This is one of the major problems facing the unemployed youth and the State Government is trying to contain it by creating job opportunities in the coming year in an attempt to reduce the rate of crimes which currently appears rampant,” Ekeno said.

He also said that there is need for the Government of South Sudan to intervene and create employment opportunities so as to curb crime since similar cases and sometimes worse scenarios have emerged in the semi-autonomous South Sudan capital, Juba.

In other developments, State Minister for Education, Science and Technology, Francis Ben Ataba, said that his ministry has absorbed all those qualified for teaching fields and still seeks more recruits should they be available as per the previous advertisements.

“So far, about 150 newly employed teachers only this year are already on board and we are still targeting more teachers in the coming year because we have a wide gap to be filled,” asserted the minister.

The State Minister for Health, Flora Nighty Otto, also said that her ministry is understaffed hence compromising on the quality of services rendered to the locals.


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