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Follow South Sudan’s Stolen Money:Why Stephen back Carried Money in 10 Birefcases to UK

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Sarah Nyalual Writes from Juba that Stephen Baak involved in a whooping amount of cash help up by the British Police at Hearthow air port recentl, carried the money that way to avoid a bad on cash tranfers from South Sudan into Britain: More revelations.

Mr. Madut Baak  have resorted to carrying cash  of US 3 millions  into UK to bypass an UK ban on bank transfers  from  Southern Sudan to the UK due to high corruptions of SPLM  Authority.

Madut was returning to the impoverished  Southern Sudan after a more than two-week-long tour of the  East Africa that included a stop in Ethiopia. During his visit to Juba, Madut said GoSS had given him US$10 million and GoSS was ready to give more.

Earlier this month, Madut entered through UK International Airport with 10 suitcases stuffed with US$3 million in cash.

Juba International Airport Security sources said Mr Madut had 10 suitcases with him and refused to let anyone open them.

He did not, as required, declare the money to British at the Airport, a spokesman for the Ministry of Regional Cooperation said. Mr. Madut is loyal to President Kirr of his “Relative’s Advisers”.

According to report in Juba that members of South Sudan parliament to demand that the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) investigate the allegation which had appeared in the press and the Internet about a British police seizure of US 3 million cash meant for the gift for Mr. Madut.

Many people in Southern Sudan Capital Juba  asked whether the President and his government is serious about fighting corruption when the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is not investigating into US3 million money-laundering to individuals.

Members of   Parliament are calling today why the Under-secretary of Ministry of Regional Cooperation and director General of Finance and Administration   had failed to meet with the three-man investigating team and why the Anti-cooperation Agency is not investigating into the money-laundering scandal, which is now said to involve more than US60 million and not just US 3 million as originally reported in the media.

According to Spokesman of Ministry of Regional Cooperation Mr. Gatluak “We do not have a law that sets a ceiling for the amount of money that can go out the country. We don’t know where that money is going to go,” Mr. Gatluak  said.

“ Our officials, fearing US sanctions, have refused to handle development funds” Gatluak said

Sarah Nyalual Chan is reporting this news from Juba.



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December 16, 2008 at 12:12 pm

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Follow-up: More money stolen GOSS demands return of money

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Follow-up: More money stolen GOSS demands return of money According to a spokesman for the GOSS ministry of regional    of cooperation, Mr. John Gatluak Chol,  “Mr. Madut took the mon  to buy arms from UK and Israel according to Director-General   for Finance and Administration.” “You know this ministry has     been losing billions of Sudanese pounds,” he added. “The    money was paid upfront out of the ministry’s account without the Minister’s approval.” The spokesperson called for the  returning of the stolen money. He told journalists after   meeting with the Minister and other directors, “This money is stolen and should be restored back.” Gatluak added, “Mr.   Stephen Madut Bak doesn’t have the right to use the money of others.” On the other hand, the authorities have sought to    arrest Mr. Baak Wuol, the Director General of Finance and    Administration, who has also transferred $20 Million US to his  Nairobi Bank last two weeks. Authorities in Juba have issued    an arrest warrant for Mr. Baak Wuol. He is believed to be in  Nairobi but couldn’t be reached for further comment. 14  million dollars plus Southern Sudanese development fund money reportedly been stolen from the GOSS Ministry of Regional    Cooperation. And another 100 millions in loose change stolen  from the same ministry. JUBA

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Former SPLA generals publicly criticize military corruptio

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Former SPLA generals publicly criticize military corruption

By  Sarah Nyalual Chan

South Sudan's SPLA forces

South Sudan's SPLA forces

Dec. 8/2008, SSN; BENTIU, Unity State. The SPLA is grappling with a
growing opposition in the military to the most sweeping overhaul of
SPLA’s armed forces in over a generation.

Retired generals warned Tuesday that corruptions aimed at modernizing
the half-million-member armed forces are destroying SPLA’s military
capability and called for the SPLA Chief of General Staff and the
Defense top generals to be sacked and prosecuted.

The warnings, the most public criticism of the corruptions to date,
reflect rising anger among uniformed and civilian military officials.

“This isn’t reorganization. You can’t call the destruction of the army
reorganization,” Ret. General Tut Badeng said.

General Badeng, a former head of the SPLA Disabled agency, was
appointed to look at the SPLA reorganization in February 2008 by
President Kirr in what was seen as a move to bring order to military
finances and to combat graft.

He has presided over sometimes painful reorganizations that have drawn
increasingly loud grumbling from generals who’re upset with initiatives
that include stopping of lucrative military land, such as prime real
estate in downtown Juba for Generals.

Last month, he announced the most detailed changes yet, cutting
hundreds of generals, disbanding nine of every ten army units and
abolishing a balky Soviet-era structure that focused on divisions and
regiments in favor of smaller brigades. The number of junior officers,
such as lieutenants, will be increased by 10,000 to 60,000.

At a news conference in Bentiu, several top retired generals agreed
that reforms were needed but argued that the present corruption’s plans
are destructive.

Retired Gen. Tut Badeng called the SPLA generals as “the hotel dealers”
— a reference to their past experience running a furniture retailer —
and accused them of having no authority to lead the army.

He accused the SPLA top generals of embezzling defense funding, and
called for criminal investigation of their actions. In the past, he
said, the generals had inflicted on the army “more harm than a SAF
(Arab Sudan Armed Forces) agent.”

He also suggested the SPLA could face open revolt if the situations are
not changed as it had started by the Senior officers in Malou Infantry

“If the current leadership doesn’t want to defend our Fatherland, then
our officers in Malou will find a way to defend the Fatherland,” he
said. He refused to elaborate.

The corruptions come at a delicate time for the SPLA. Southern Sudan
national pride has surged amid a three-year long  corrupted boom.
Dismissed of Generals will   — have given Southern Sudanese renewed
confidence in their armed forces.

Military observers said the biggest danger comes from unpaid officers
and half of the SPLA army corps, who face bleak job prospects as the
tribal crisis deepens in the army promoted by the top generals. He
likened the situation to that after World War I, when a defeated
Germany and the weak Weimar government gave rise to the Nazis.

But he said the failure to pay the Senior officers in Malou could

“It’s too dangerous to play games with the military,” the General said.
“They know how to handle weapons, and they could be tempted to take
this GoSS in two days.”

Sarah  Nyalual Chan contributed to this report.

contact at:

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British Police targets Sudanese money loot London

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British Police targets Sudanese money loot London

Dec.5th,2008(IRS)– A man identified as an advisor to the President of the autonomous Government of Southern Sudan is being questioned by the British Police for allegedly smuggling $ 3 million into the United Kingdom. Stephen Madut Bak, 62, is facing probe about the source of the mouth-watering cash that he attempted to sneak into Britain illegally via Heathrow airport. The money has been confiscated by the Heathrow Custom officials until the probe is completed. “Mr. Bak arrived in London earlier in the week with huge cash, which naturally aroused suspicions on money laundering. Initial investigation shows the money was apparently diverted from the Government of Southern Sudan, where Mr. Bak says is serving as an advisor to its President Salva Kiir”, a source at the London Metropolitan Police told IRS. An accomplice of Mr. Bak, identified as Mr. Mou Mou is also being questioned. Metro police investigators have revealed that Mr. Stephen Bak has lived in the UK since the early 1980, where he had been the representative of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) which led a protracted 22-year civil war against various Muslim governments in Northern Sudan , before singing a landmark peace agreement in 2005. Mr Bak, who had been living on social security benefits handed out by the British Government, vanished from the UK in recent months only to return with $ 3 millions dollars on a suitcase. On interrogation, Bak told investigators that the money would be used to set up a diplomatic mission for the autonomous Government of Southern Sudan in London . “His explanation was far convincing as there was no evidence of any prior official correspondences between the British Government and Government of Southern Sudan to establish such an office. Moreover, Mr, Bak seemed to give two contradicting stories: on the one hand, he claims to be a Presidential Advisor, hence his access to this money. On the other hand, he says he was coming to the UK to serve as Head of the mission of the Government of Southern Sudan”, said the Metro Police Source, adding that papers being presented by Bak’s lawyer were furnished by the money ring member identified as Mr Bak Woul, who is believed to be a close relative of Mr. Stephen Bak, according to the Metro Police background check. British Police are trying to keep a lid on money stolen from Africa by cronies of the ruling regimes. There is a growing view in the UK and the rest of Europe that global commitments to reduce poverty and improve lives in Africa cannot be achieved unless the international community makes urgent progress towards repatriation of stolen money back to Africa . “Corruption is bleeding Africa to death and the cost is borne by the poor. … Much of the money is banked in Britain or our overseas territories and dependencies. . … We want our government to get tough on corruption.” – Hugh Bayley, MP, Chair of the Africa All Party Parliamentary Group said recently. Corrupt African leaders have stolen at least $140bn (£95bn) from their people in the decades since independence, according to fomer Nigerian President, Olusegun Obasanjo. Obasanjo accused European countries of “sitting” on much of the stolen money stashed in European banks, say there was little action from Europe to try to bring back the money to Africa and improve living conditions. European countries and banks, he said, providing a safe haven for stolen African money had to share the guilt.

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