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The SPLM leadership was taken aback by the speed of recent developments in the case of ICC indictments of some Sudanese leaders including President of the Republic. This has understandably created a serious situation that could threaten peace and stability in the Sudan.
Over the past week, the SPLM leadership has been engaged in series of meetings in both Juba and Khartoum, discussing the matter. After wide consultations inside the SPLM and with the National Congress Party leadership, taking into account the declaration by the Prosecutor General of the ICC, the SPLM leadership resolved the following as a way to address the crisis:
1.   That Darfur conflict is a political issue arising out of long and continuous political, economic and cultural marginalization since independence of the Sudan in 1956. Resolving this situation requires a negotiated and peaceful settlement of the conflict between the parties. Therefore the Government of National Unity is required to develop, within a week’s time, a roadmap for resolution of Darfur conflict, in consultation with all the political forces and civil society groups in the country, specifically the groups in Darfur, in order to build national consensus for a fair and speedy resolution of the conflict.
2.   The SPLM is ready to avail its resources and effort, and in particular its external relations, regionally and internationally for the purpose of achieving an understanding between the Government of National Unity and the international community.  We believe that the solution to the crisis is for the Government of National Unity to forge an understanding with the international community and to cooperate with ICC on the legal processes.
3.   The SPLM leadership, led by the First Vice President, will expedite efforts for a fair and comprehensive peaceful settlement of the Darfur crisis, which is a corner stone and correct entry point to deal with other consequences of the crisis.
4.   Full implementation of the CPA and other peace agreements, furthering democratic transformation, promoting mutual understanding between the parties that constitute the government of national unity as well as other political forces is key to resolve the present crisis.
Ambassador James Morgan
Official Assistant in the Office of the President
Government of Southern Sudan/Juba


Written by torit1955

July 16, 2008 at 3:52 am

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