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Corruption: A secret norm in the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS)

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Expose Corruption

Expose Corruption

By Nelson Makoi, South Sudan

DEC. 19/2008, SSN; There are many cases of corruption allegations growing among GOSS top officials and no clear investigations findings have been released so far. We started hearing corruption scandal from former Minister of Finance, Mr. Arthur Akuein and there was no public satisfaction about the court ruling that proved Mr. Akuien not guilty of corruption and the secret behind this ruling was a deal among the top government officials where corruption cases involved all SPLM/A officials.

Again there was an allegation of corruption raised against Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development, Michael Makuei, officially accused by the Minister of Labor, Public Service and Human Resource Development, Ms. Awut Dhol Achuil. The accusation of corruption involved double pay of the senior staff of the Ministry and the case was presented to other corrupts MPs in the South Sudan Legislative Assembly [SSLA] to study the contents of allegation of corruption and was turned down and SPLM MPs blaming one another.

Why should the same cabinet expose themselves to the public and they are from the same government? The committee of legal Affairs was to study the case and no clear satisfactory findings released yet.

Another case was against the GOSS vice president, Dr. Riek Machar, accused of corruption by Rebecca De Mabior about an illegal kick-backs by a company to be issued a license by the Ministry of Roads & Transport which caused a row and war of words on tribal basis and Mama Nyadeng surrendered and apologized the following day because nobody is clear of corruption among themselves or may be she didn’t have any evidence in her office.

All of these cases are true colors of corruption as there’s no smoke without fire. And now another controversy appeared in London, UK, from presidential adviser Mr. Madut Baak allegedly carrying $ 3 million US dollars. The Ministry of Regional cooperation interfered and issued a press release defending it’s government reputation from the public  regionally and internationally where SPLM officials are seen the most corrupt in the world and simply the press release was just public relations.

If the people of South Sudan can evaluate the roles of Anti- Corruption Commission today and South Sudan Auditor- Chambers, I believe that these are independence commissions and now have become subordinate, ill-prepared and weakened by the Assembly not to pass the laws urgently needed which can prevent stealing of public funds and/or can prosecute the thieves.

The delay of passing of the Anti-Corruption Law is intentionally known better to SSLA members. However, the Auditor Chamber is dead as it is pending with no the head of the commission yet appointed since the dismissal of former Auditor General, Mr. Barnaba Majok Barnaba, who was accused of corruption. The delay of the appointment is better known to the president and the Assembly.

All GOSS accounts are not yet audited since 2006 up to now, and I therefore, as a citizen of this country, I am tied of hearing corruption cases and I argue Mr. president Salva Kiir Mayardit to wake up with his constitutional powers to fight corruption in the public offices and to protect misuse of public funds.

Kiir slogan of fighting corruption is not practical and our money is always flowing outside with thieves and foreigners as well for unknown reasons.

Can you imagine that many ordinary citizens expressed doubt about government officials corruption which puts GOSS ahead of 99% level of corruption? This was a finding from public opinion survey on corruption done by Anti-Corruption Commission last year 2007 about the allegation of corruption rampant in the regional autonomous government of South Sudan .

The writer is in Southern Sudan and can be reached by email:


Written by torit1955

December 19, 2008 at 9:19 am

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  1. If there is any one cause for the dissent among the Southern Sudanese against GOSS in the past three years, then it is the rampant corruption in high places. Between the executive, the legislative and the law enforcement agent of South Sudan as constituted today, who is not doing his job to curb the stinking corrupt practices?


    December 19, 2008 at 9:30 am

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