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Prospects on Sudan’s General Elections 2009

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Juba- December 11th 2008
SPLA is National Army of Southern Sudan, says Dr. Martin
By Isaac Vuni

The Sudan Peoples Liberation Army (SPLA) is a national Amy to protect Southern Sudan as from border of 1/1/1956 including Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended 21 years of destructive civil war between northern and southern Sudanese through political negotiation on 9th January 2005.

Contributing on Sudan’s National Election Act of 2008 debate organized by Association of Inter Media (AIM) today afternoon, minister of Goss Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Martin Elias said Southern Sudan politicians advocating for war than peace should be voted out in the coming national election because such leaders are not interested seeing southerners living in peace.

Dr. Martin who is also the chairman of Southern Sudan Democratic Forum Party warn leaders who want to click on power to know that there are nine  political parties ready to takes leadership of Southern Sudan through a participatory election scheduled for next year.

Adding that southerners are literate on what choices to make but needed adequate educative information for making change during the coming national election than  electing illiterate sons and daughters of chiefs.

He emphasized that cardinal issue for Goss government would be to allow free expression of ideas during election campaign by providing clear guidelines to voters and contestants.

Dr. Martin says it will be nice to fund registered and recognized political parties either by governments or donors but does not advocate for many parties funding so that electoral violence like in Kenya is minimize in the process of power transfer.

If you squander the coming referendum opportunity that will be concurrently conducted with Abyie people, southern leaders will be destroying future of Southern Sudanese and its children, he warns.

Responding to question whether the election will be free and fairs, Dr. Richard Mulla member of public account committee of Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) said it would be very difficult to tell but Presidential candidate must be seconded by 15,000 registered voters in 18 states of Sudan.

However, Dr. Mulla acknowledged that  maintenance of 450 Seats of national assembly was agreed by all parties but that the 170 seats of SSLA  fate remains unclear including people holding dual-citizenship right  to vote or not.

He said the coming election would be of mixed types because geographical demarcated have not yet been done while  60% already allotted to ruling party,  25%  for women and  reaming goes to other contesting political parties.

He reminded audience that when Sudan became independent in January 1956, northern parliamentary political elite’s claimed that Southerners have agreed for a united Sudan through voting conducted on 19th December 1955.

This time round, he said, a presidential candidate must prove popular by getting at least 15,000 support from cross section of Sudanese in 18 states while 170 seat of SSLA remain unknown. Strangely electoral laws of 2009 was received two weeks ago yet to be distributed.

Earlier David Dau, Chief Executive officer of AIM complaint that many southern Sudanese do not have copy of 2009 election law since it was passed by national assembly in Kharoum.

In attendance was Dr Julia Aker Duwnya Undersecretary of Goss Parliamentary Affairs

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December 13, 2008 at 11:59 am