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NCP/NIF Jihad in South Sudan with possible extension to the Great African Lakes Region is doomed to failure.

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NCP/NIF  Jihad in South Sudan with possible extension to the Great African Lakes Region is doomed to failure.

By: Peter Lokarlo Marsu


Assuming a weird scenario in which a distinguished South Sudanese political figure quickly steps into the Republican Palace in Khartoum and demands an audience with President Omar Al Bashir. In the course of the discussions he makes genuine promises to the National Congress Party (NCP), the National Islamic Front Party (NIF) and others that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement commonly known as the CPA which ended the 22-year internecine war between South and north Sudan, would be subject to thorough revision with view to scraping off the fundamental clauses of the Peace Agreement, namely:

· the 2011 Referendum for Self-Determination in South Sudan;

· the security arrangements between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), including disbanding the SPLA and the government of South Sudan in Juba;

· putting an end to the contentious South-North border demarcation and the Abyei niggling question so that no one is bothered about the precise location of the oil wells in Sudan.

At length, and encouraged by the cordial atmosphere and responses from Al Bashir in the Palace, the idealistic politician boldly advances on to expand the list of promises to the stalwarts of the NCP and NIF with further attractive perquisites which include:

(a) The abolition of the phrases coined by SPLM, such as the New Sudan and Marginalised areas (Al Soudan al Jadid wa al manatiq al Mut-hamasha);

(b) The official use of the controversial dictum, Sudan is an Arab and Islamic country”. (Al Soudan Dawla Al Arabia wa Al Islamia)

(c) an inclusion of additional provision that mandates the NCP/NIF to spread Sudan’s radical brand of religious thinking to the whole of Africa to counter entrenched Western influence on the continent through the LRA proxy

What do you surmise would happen? Would there be despair or extreme and frenzied scenes of jubilations among the NCP/NIF circles in Khartoum?

Indubitably, that utopian political figure has certainly not only succeeded in disbanding the notorious LRA in South Sudan, but has effectively cracked the secret code that puts an end to the LRA bloody extravaganza in South Sudan, as Khartoum would then have achieved one of its noblest and splendid goals, which is the re-colonisation of South Sudan, with potential future prospects for extending NIF anachronistic 7th Century ideological thinking to the rest of Africa. Al Bashir would hastily turn South Sudan’s rich Agricultural lands to Arab investors who would inturn transform the lands into Arab bread basket. But hang on for a moment, the bothersome and pesky questions that would be asked by concerned and patriotic South Sudanese would probably be:

(a) Why did South Sudanese leaders reject the Arab-British diktat and pronouncement of Sudan’s unification at the Juba Round Table Conference in 1947 that subsequently paved the way for northern Arab imperialism and mismanagement of the country?

(b) Was there credible raison d’être in mounting the Torit insurrection by patriotic elements in the British-controlled Equatoria Defence Corp in August 1955 in South Sudan? Again would there have been convincing motives for the glorious SPLM/SPLA to pick up arms and oppose President Nimery and the later successive rulers (monsters)?

(c) Why would Juba allow the destabilisation of South Sudan through Khartoum’s agents of doom, the LRA outlaws after having fought so hard to overcome Khartoum Jihadist forces in Sudan?

I think the repugnant proposals and assurances of the distinguished political figure from South Sudan, to have the CPA revised would certainly not work and would be resisted by all subscribers to peace in Sudan. Perhaps an inquisitive Southern Sudanese would press on to put this last question “What about the LRA Highway men”

Well, the menace posed by the NCP/NIF and others in supporting Joseph Kony and his yobbo is real and should not be underestimated, but must be tackled seriously by all concerned parties. Khartoum’s game of intrigues and subterfuges still goes on. After disbanding the LRA bandits in South Sudan, that does not mark the end of the blood theatre. Khartoum would possibly relocate the Highway men to Northern and Western Uganda to continue the unfinished Jihad (holy War) against the NRM government in Kampala that the NCP/NIF alleged to have supported the SPLA in the bleak days of the1990s.

Al Bashir and Company would be exultant to unseat what Khartoum deems as unpleasant regimes in the region that would never hesitate to oppose Sudan’s radical philosophy and Talibanization of the region through the LRA brigands whose funds would come from the oil resources stolen from South Sudan.

With this brief and grim prelude to Khartoum’s cataclysmic projections and sinister designs, I would like to step in and caution those people who are still supporting the LRA’s futile cause. LRA is composed of nothing but common criminals who deserve the gallows and not the gaol. All peace loving people everywhere including, Ugandans and the Congolese should pray for the success of the current tripartite sacred mission in the DRC being conducted by those countries which have been terribly affected by the excessive brutality of the LRA thugs. The mission is sacred because it is destined to defeat a monster and the sponsor of Armageddon in the region.

If the late general Idi Amin Dada was a kin to the devil, Joseph Kony is the Lucifer. At least the late general had respect for territorial sacrosanctity of neighbouring states, with seemingly only one exception – the invasion of Kagera region of Tanzania in 1978. Amin mostly killed Ugandans, but Kony dwarfed and outmoded Amin by stretching the killing fields to South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo contrary to the prescriptions of the Biblical Ten Commandments that the Schizophrenic rebel leader had promised to strictly abide by in his two-decade elusive and whirl wind chase for the Uganda’s presidential State House.

Those guys who are opposing the current military operations in the DRC, especially the Parliamentarians from Northern Uganda, should critically examine both their moral rectitude and the dictates of their moral conscience before throwing their lot behind mass murderers with questionable and insalubrious agenda. Regrettably, one of the scourges in African politics is the sentimental identification with one’s own tribal leaders and giving those leaders sightless support without availing due consideration for candour and cognitive approach as shown by the Parliamentarians hailing from Northern Uganda in their unequivocal condemnation of the aerial raids on the LRA rebels hideouts in the Congolese jungle of Garamba.

Late Alice Auma Lakwena, the Uganda warrior priestess, who led the Holy Spirit Movement conceivably modelled on the Maji Maji rebellion of 1905-1907 in the former Tanganyika against German misrule had picked up a quarrel with the NRM government in Kampala in 1986. She had claimed that she possessed Spiritual Powers to protect her fighters from NRA’s bullets. Bizarrely she succeeded to marshal about 15,000 combatants who were only armed with sticks and stones and were expected to triumph in battles, against Museveni’s battle tanks and MiG fighter Jets. It was a nightmare, her insurgency was crushed in 1987 and the embers of her one year rebellion stamped out. Her cousin Joseph Kony, the leader of the current LRA thugs took over, this time with a modified religious-flavoured manifesto – Uganda must be ruled by the Biblical Ten Commandaments. Perhaps The Lord would raise eyebrows and question the rebel leader for making mockery of His sacred laws.

Those people should understand that talking with Kony is definitely a serious and regrettable mistake, because the LRA is hostage to Khartoum’s rulers. Khartoum created the Thugs. The NCP lavishly supplies the LRA bandits with virtually everything, ranging from, field binoculars, to Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), automatic assault rifles, and walkie-talkies to assortment of ammunitions and money. Kony cannot decide anything for the LRA that Sudan’s NCP has not sanctioned; President Al Bashir is the man behind the wheel. Hence if anyone intends to bring peace to Northern Uganda, he/she should first hold some behind-the-scene talks directly with Khartoum and expects to concede to an irrational list of demands before reaching any meaningful results in the talks. The current military pressure must be kept up to destroy the bandits and their infrastructures. There is one possibility that after losing Garamba forest hideout the next destination for the Thugs and monsters would be Central African Republic.

I personally believe that peace would once more flourish in Uganda after a comprehensive defeat and total surrender of the bloodthirsty bandits, but first their clandestine nuptials with Sudan’s NCP/NIF must be shattered and sacrificed on the alter of doom to make way for peace and development in the region. Those Parliamentarians may still believe in the Acholi’s traditional mode of justice called Mato Oput which involves reconciliation with the offended parties, but South Sudanese have nothing to do with Mato Oput. The lunatic thugs must face full justice.


Written by torit1955

December 19, 2008 at 5:59 am

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