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Extending Elelction Date In Sudan Will Have Dominos Effect On CPA

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Extending Elelction Date In Sudan Will Have Dominos Effect On CPA
Thursday January 8th 2009

The Vice President of the republic of Sudan and the President of the government of Southern Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit told a gathering at a dinner in Washington that, extending the 2009 election would jeopardize referendum in South Sudan.

At a Congressional dinner hosted by Ted Dange and Roger Winter at Mayflower hotel in Washington DC, the dinner was attended by about fifty people many of whom are dignitaries from different countries who attended the signing of the CPA in Nairobi Kenya.

Amonth them was, Heldan Joshnson Norway representative at the UN, Congressman Ronal Pyne, Kjell Hodneboe of Norway, and many other dignitaries.

The dinner was hosted to celebrate the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed four years ago. President Kiir reiterates his words of gratitude and appreciations to President Bush and his administration for keeping the South Sudan problem at heart. Kiir told group of dignitaries, Sudanese, and long time supporters of the struggle that, postponing the election will have dominos effects on the implementation of the CPA.

However, some are not so keen to conduct the elections in July. Given the fact that rainy season began during the month of May to October, a season chosen during negotiations to hold the first election, many are concerns that conducting the election in July will limit people’s participations in most part of Southern Sudan where the people will physically elects their chosen candidates.

On the other hand, according to the President, If the election is push forward to dry season, everything else that comes after the election such as the referendum in Southern Sudan, referendum in Abyei, and the popular consultation of Nuba Mountains all will miss the date lines and that has grave consequences. In respect to the other events line up after the election, it’s imperative for people of Southern Sudan to keep the election date the way it was scheduled.

Border Demarcations:

When the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was negotiated four years ago, the six years interim period seemed too long, but four years have passed before we all know. Now, we’re celebrating the fourth anniversary of the CPA this year; however, it’s without doubt that the two parties have much to do in implementing the CPA.

“One of the problems with the NCP is, if you say this is a color white, they will say no, the color is red.” President said. Every average person in the Sudan knows where the border between south and north Sudan located. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist nor some experts both from out-side and inside Sudan demarcate the border.

In spite of the fact that, the NCP has lacked behind in implementing major contentious issues of the CPA, It’s apparent that Juba has been pushed to the limit but we will not go to war under my watch President Kiir said. However, we must make sure north-south border is fully demarcated, census result must be conventional to what South Sudanese understand reasonable. “Let those who like to fight start their fight, we don’t want war, but if instigated, we will depend ourselves.

President Mayadiit went ahead to assured the gathering that, corruptions will not be tolerated. Those venal officials who may attempt to embezzle or exercise illegal dealing with states funds will all be brought to justice. At the same time, he said, those who resorted in defaming the image of Southern Sudan on world wide web transmitting un found accusations and passing un researched facts from one person to anther will too be confront with real facts sometime when they show up in Southern Sudan. We have your written allegations anyone will confront you with your written paper and you will have to answer yourself.

Moreover, we have not given up in bringing peace in Darfur. But, for the Darfur leaders to achieve a long-lasting peace for their people, the leaders must reside where the people suffer. It’s ridiculous for Darfur leaders to think he/she leads his people while living in a rather comfortable place somewhere in the West and yet refuse to attend peace that could bring an end to the killings and raping.

You cannot claimed to represent neglected people while once does not even reside where the problem actually occur. We’ve successfully united 27 Darfur rebel factions in 2007. However, these factions dispersed back and form even more factions because we have no money to keep them united. If they can only unite to receive money, it will be impossible for anyone to keep them united because no one will be able to provide money for unity.

President Kiir flew to Boone, North Carolina to meet with one of the well known evangelical Church leader Franklin Graham whose church has been an instrumental to pressure American government in bringing about peace in the Sudan. The President arrived in Nairobi shortly at ten pm Kenyan local time. He will fly to South Sudan to attend the CPA celebration in Malakal, Upper Nile state.


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