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The Best 50 Years in Cuban History

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By Cuban News Agency

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Jan 1 (acn) Cuban President Raul Castro said Thursday that the 50 years beginning with the revolutionary victory on January 1, 1959, were the most fruitful period in Cuban history.

During his speech to close the commemoration marking the 50th anniversary of that significant date, Raul paid tribute to the historical leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro.

Raul Castro Addressing Cubans On 50 Anniversary of the Revolution

Raul Castro Addressing Cubans On 50 Anniversary of the Revolution

More than 3,000 Santiago de Cuba residents attended the commemoration – representing all Cubans – held in the heroic city of eastern Cuba that was the cradle of the 1959 Revolution.

After recalling several fragments of Fidel’s speeches in some of the country’s key moments, the Cuban President reiterated that one individual doesn’t make history, but that there are indispensable people who are capable of influencing its course, and Fidel, he said, is one of them.

He noted that Fidel has always struggled against what is vain and passing, honoring a maxim by Cuba’s National Hero Jose Marti who wrote: “All of the glory in the world fits in a kernel of corn.”

Cubans listening to Raul's Speech

Cubans listening to Raul's Speech

In this regard, he called on current and future Cuban leaders to follow his example, saying that they should never forget that this is a revolution of the humble, by the humble and for the humble.

He made a call to the country’s leaders to prevent being deceived “by the enemy’s siren songs and be aware that, given its very essence, the enemy will never cease to be aggressive, treacherous and dominant; that they should never distance themselves from our workers, our farmers and the people at large.”

“We should learn from history,” he emphasized. “If they act accordingly, they will always have the support of the people and the moral authority the masses only grant to those who never back away from the struggle.” He warned that, otherwise, “they could end up incapacitated for tackling internal and external dangers and unable to preserve the work that is the fruit of the blood and the sacrifices of many generations of Cubans.”

After dedicating his first thoughts to those who have fallen throughout the Revolution’s long struggle, Raul Castro reviewed historical moments since the days of the attack on the Moncada and Carlos Manuel de Cespedes garrisons, carried out on July 26, 1953. In the rigor of struggle, he said, “we have learned how to transform our dreams into a reality; how to keep our heads cool and our confidence in the face of dangers and threats; how to get over the big setbacks.”

“Those of us who have had the privilege to experience the intensity of this stage of our history are well aware of the truth contained in that alert Fidel issued that January 8, 1959,” during his first speech after entering the capital. Fidel said that a lot remained to be done and that perhaps things would be more difficult later, added Raul.

He recalled that nothing morally valuable has been alien to the whirlwind of revolution in Cuba, a country that, even before January 1st, 1959, began to wipe out dishonor and inequality and paved the way for an entire people.

Raul made reference to the countless aggressions and acts of sabotage Cuba has suffered, including the Bay of Pigs invasion; state terrorism, with its balance of over 3,000 deaths; the plans to assassinate Fidel and other leaders; and the assassination of farmers, fishermen and students.

“One way or another, with more or less aggressiveness, every US administration has tried to impose a regime change in Cuba,” he said, noting that resistance has been the key word in the Cuban vocabulary throughout all these years.

Raul highlighted that the resistance of the Revolution and its people has been firm, free from fanaticism, and based on solid convictions in the willingness of an entire people to defend itself whatever the cost. An example to this statement, he underlined, is the absolute firmness of the Cuban Five, unjustly incarcerated in the United States.

“Today, we are not alone on this side of the ocean facing the empire, as it was the case in the 1960s,” he said, adding that the Revolution is stronger than ever and has never given an inch of its principles.

While reflecting on the future, especially on the next five decades, Raul affirmed that they will also be of permanent struggle and that they won’t be easy years, taking into account the current state of the world.

From the Cuban News Agency


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