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Juba Prison Relaxes Prison Women laws

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Juba December 21st 2008

By Isaac Vuni

“We are surprised to be allowed in women prison for the first time to conduct prayer together with our separated dear mothers along with twelve innocent children in Juba central prison”, remarks Young Christian Students.

“Today is our first time to enter Juba central prison of women to share encouragement words of Jesus Christ with our dear mothers whose innocent twelve children are wrongly   imprisoned with their mothers”.

There are fifty one women in Juba prison including one condemned, 28 convicted, three foreigners from Uganda and Kenya while 22 awaiting sentences some are pregnant either during their stay in prison or they came with prior to their detention.

The women have no prison uniforms on themselves;  one of them who asked not to be named complained that  they are being overworked by prison authority.

The  men sections and cells  of the prison  are overcrowding  with about  three hundred prisoners,  including 37 juveniles

Scopas Taban Lolabang, former combatant SPLA engineer, who lost right arms in the field urged prioners to have faith in God for all their needs.

Earlier prison  Chaplin, pastor  Alex Loboka Wota from Episcopal Church of the Sudan complaint that Juba  prison lack reading material such as bible while the televisions has no power  including lack of ambulance for transporting sick prisoners. He appeals to well-wishers to donate motorbike for Chaplin mobility including visitation of hospitalized prisoner’s ant encouragement of their families.

Pastor Wota also appeals to well-wishers to help in releasing a disable person now detained for the last three years without trial.

He also registered appreciation to government of southern Sudan for allowing religious community to daily preach the words of God without hindrance.

St. Teresa Arabic choir brought gave six bags of sugar to prisoners while holy mass was celebrated by Fr. Julious Oling Wani, former Juba prisoners convict who urged prisoners to become change urgent to others while out of prison.

Prisoners Ebale Simon Ohuro, 32 years, father of four children, sentenced to five years on man slaughter allegedly instigation by Commissioner Massimino Alam relative of the victims now demanding payment of  three thousand Sudanese pounds  dia  before his release and now left with a year.

While John Juma Tadeyo, 45 years, father of ten children and two wives, sentenced to five years since 2006 together with his three sisters, one died on 19th December 2007and they were ordered to pays 3000 SDG dia, appeal to well-wishers to rescue them especially children now neglected by government.

Juba central prison constructed in 1947 has a maximum capacity of 300 inmates but now hold 807 including orphans juveniles ranging from seven to twelve years who are detained on alleged traffic offences as prison officers took over their reformatory centre for officers training while accused Goss of failing to release funds for renovation and construction of juveniles centre.

Currently Juba central prison that accommodate prisoners from ten states of Southern Sudan has 33 condemned, 317 convicted, 50 foreigners, 34 Juveniles, 339 awaiting trial on various alleged crimes including murders and detained 34 mentally unbalance persons.
There will be ecumenical prayer on 26th December


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