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Sarah Nyalual Writes from Juba that Stephen Baak involved in a whooping amount of cash help up by the British Police at Hearthow air port recentl, carried the money that way to avoid a bad on cash tranfers from South Sudan into Britain: More revelations.

Mr. Madut Baak  have resorted to carrying cash  of US 3 millions  into UK to bypass an UK ban on bank transfers  from  Southern Sudan to the UK due to high corruptions of SPLM  Authority.

Madut was returning to the impoverished  Southern Sudan after a more than two-week-long tour of the  East Africa that included a stop in Ethiopia. During his visit to Juba, Madut said GoSS had given him US$10 million and GoSS was ready to give more.

Earlier this month, Madut entered through UK International Airport with 10 suitcases stuffed with US$3 million in cash.

Juba International Airport Security sources said Mr Madut had 10 suitcases with him and refused to let anyone open them.

He did not, as required, declare the money to British at the Airport, a spokesman for the Ministry of Regional Cooperation said. Mr. Madut is loyal to President Kirr of his “Relative’s Advisers”.

According to report in Juba that members of South Sudan parliament to demand that the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) investigate the allegation which had appeared in the press and the Internet about a British police seizure of US 3 million cash meant for the gift for Mr. Madut.

Many people in Southern Sudan Capital Juba  asked whether the President and his government is serious about fighting corruption when the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) is not investigating into US3 million money-laundering to individuals.

Members of   Parliament are calling today why the Under-secretary of Ministry of Regional Cooperation and director General of Finance and Administration   had failed to meet with the three-man investigating team and why the Anti-cooperation Agency is not investigating into the money-laundering scandal, which is now said to involve more than US60 million and not just US 3 million as originally reported in the media.

According to Spokesman of Ministry of Regional Cooperation Mr. Gatluak “We do not have a law that sets a ceiling for the amount of money that can go out the country. We don’t know where that money is going to go,” Mr. Gatluak  said.

“ Our officials, fearing US sanctions, have refused to handle development funds” Gatluak said

Sarah Nyalual Chan is reporting this news from Juba.



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