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Follow-up: More money stolen GOSS demands return of money

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Follow-up: More money stolen GOSS demands return of money According to a spokesman for the GOSS ministry of regional    of cooperation, Mr. John Gatluak Chol,  “Mr. Madut took the mon  to buy arms from UK and Israel according to Director-General   for Finance and Administration.” “You know this ministry has     been losing billions of Sudanese pounds,” he added. “The    money was paid upfront out of the ministry’s account without the Minister’s approval.” The spokesperson called for the  returning of the stolen money. He told journalists after   meeting with the Minister and other directors, “This money is stolen and should be restored back.” Gatluak added, “Mr.   Stephen Madut Bak doesn’t have the right to use the money of others.” On the other hand, the authorities have sought to    arrest Mr. Baak Wuol, the Director General of Finance and    Administration, who has also transferred $20 Million US to his  Nairobi Bank last two weeks. Authorities in Juba have issued    an arrest warrant for Mr. Baak Wuol. He is believed to be in  Nairobi but couldn’t be reached for further comment. 14  million dollars plus Southern Sudanese development fund money reportedly been stolen from the GOSS Ministry of Regional    Cooperation. And another 100 millions in loose change stolen  from the same ministry. JUBA


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December 10, 2008 at 9:06 am

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