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Juba Post Report:The Fashon Poilce Crack down Story

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South Sudan presidency interferes into state’s affairs

JUBA, (9 Oct) – The government of South Sudan presidency into a state’s county local order aimed to maintain discipline and respect in the town and ordered immediate release of girls who are still under state’s police custody.

The Minister in the Office of the President confirmed that Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) President Salva Kiir had ordered the immediate release of any women still remaining in custody following a series of arrests in Juba over the last two days.
Minister Dr. Luka Biong Deng stated that the controversial police action had originated at the local level, within Central Equatoria State, and that the State bore the responsibility for it.
He further said that the President of the government of South Sudan had ordered a “serious investigation” into the incident, and specifically into how County Local Order no. 4/2008 had come to be issued. This Order, issued by the Commisioner of Juba County, was claimed by the arresting police officers to be the authority for their actions; the legality of the Order has subsequently been widely questioned.
GOSS Minister of the Interior, Paul Mayom Akec is reported to be heading the GOSS investigation into the matter while by passing the State’s government Major General Clement Wani Konga of Central Equatoria who is the head of the security.
The ommissioer of Juba County, Albert Pitia Redentore, last Thursday issued a County local order, number four in his office to arrest all ‘Niggers’ in the County, “I Albert Pitia Redentore, Commissioner of Juba County, hereby issue the following local order,” he said. The commissioner Albert Pitia made the order according to him to avoid the intrusion of other cultures, “Banning all bad behaviors, activities and imported illicit cultures of what is now known as ‘Niggers’ in Juba County,” Pitia ordered He wrote in the media circular that the breaker of his order will heavily pay, “Defaulters shall be sentenced to three months in imprisonment,”
so “Whoever defies the order for the second time shall be fined 600 SDG and imprisonment for three months,” wrote Commissioner Redentore.
According to the commissioner he is exercising the powers conferred upon him and following section 7 (10) of local government act 2003, on social and cultural affairs. Pitia said the order is to preserve the cultural values, dignity and achievements of the people of Southern Sudan, checking out the intrusion of foreign cultures in to the societies for the sake of bringing up good generation.
However, the local orders of the County when applied on Sunday, many girls became victims of the circumstance. Nuk Duany an eye witness said she show beating and harassment of many girls by the police, “I saw one of the girls being hit and thrown into a truck like an animal, by the police,” said Duany
She said that there were over thirty girls in the truck which drove towards Juba, the girls were in trousers and some of the girl came out from prayers when they were arrested around Juba Teaching Hospital near St. Joseph.
The Minister for Gender, Social welfare and religious Affair, government of Southern Sudan, Mary Kiden Kimbo, in a press conference held shortly after many girls run to her office for cover said the orders which targets the girl child are totally abusive to the CPA and the Interim Constitution of Southern Sudan, “Eight young girls run to my office seeking for refugee and told me that there is random girls’ arrest and beating on the road,” “We need these police to immediately stop the beating up of the girls along the road,” Mary requested
The Minister warned of the old days when the Sharia laws were passed, where women were degraded, stripped, and beaten without a ward, “If it was an order from the commissioner, so the women have become the soft target after failing to get Niggers? Where is the peace dividend of these girls?” She asked. “No body deserves to be beaten; there is freedom of torture in the bill of rights”.
According to Kiden the Ministry of Gender, Social welfare and religious Affair “What is the definition of a ‘Nigger’ she would like to know how those girls qualify to become ‘niggers’ as they peruse the law to take its course.
It is reported that Director General of Gender and Child Welfare, Director responsible for Gender-Based Violence, human rights commission, and the chairperson for women Union Central in Equatoria State, have all begun to investigate the issue.
The commissioner had issued a local order known as local order three on, the opening and closer of bars in the County. The order demanded that all bars and alcoholic drinking places in the town shall be opened at 5:00 pm and closed at 10:00 pm. Failure to do so a three months imprisonment and a fine of 500 SDG shall be imposed and for the second time defilement of the order will cost 600 SDG and three months imprisonment. However these orders were neither implemented nor followed up.
Numerous reports were received of young women being picked up by police officers and taken in the back of pickup trucks to a ‘Public Order Court’ in the Malakia / Konyo Konyo Market district of Juba. Eyewitnesses described many women later leaving the premises in bloodstained clothing, showing what appeared to be clear signs of beating.
The women detained are all reportedly young. Contrary to suggestions that the action was part of a crackdown on foreign national sex-workers, at least large proportions were reported to be Sudanese nationals. Some were said to be returning home from Church at the time of arrest and at least one described being forcibly detained whilst bathing her baby, putting the infant at risk of drowning.
When asked to explain this treatment, police officers on the scene said the reason was that the women were wearing trousers. Pressed further, they produced a County Local Order which they said constituted their authority to act.
Reports from Director General of Gender and Child Welfare and the Director responsible for Gender-Based Violence, who have begun their investigation of the issue, indicated that she was able to produce copies of the order for the media. According to many women, the move is seen in some circles as an attempt to re-impose Sharia Law by stealth.
The subject of the Order is: ‘Banning of “Niggers” Behaviors and Activities in the Town’. ‘Nigger’ is the perhaps unfortunate term being used by older generations in Juba to describe a section of Sudanese youth, who had adopted loosely Urban American/Jamaican modes of dress and behavior. The term is negative, as the group has been associated with criminal actions. The Order is vague as to exactly what behaviors are being banned


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