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GoSS forms commission on electoral law

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I like the idea that Government of South Sudan should have its own Electoral Laws the counterweigh the law passed by the National Assembly.
Key points that needed to be corrected: Women's 25% representation; proportional representation through the party lists which comorised both men and women and the goegraphical candidacy.

  GoSS forms commission on electoral law

  The southern Sudan authorities are expected to form a commission and to
  adopt an electoral law for the forthcoming elections scheduled for 2009
  according to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, CPA.

  Speaking to MirayaFM the deputy speaker of Southern Sudan legislative
  assembly Dr. Lawrence Lual confirmed that, apart from the electoral law
  which was passed this week by the National assembly in Khartoum, the
  Southern Sudan will adopt its own electoral law to regulate the upcoming
  2009 elections in the south.

  However Dr. Lual did not specify when the draft electoral law will be

  He said that there are many issues to be solved prior the elections.


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July 13, 2008 at 4:50 am

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